Wednesday, November 18, 2009

.:: MaTuRiTY ::.

Hey Peeps...

So the last two post was so boring and sad [and mellow in the words of Will], I need to brighten things up a lil' around here... Today, well... After being said that i was getting cold, I actually sprung back to the happy ol me again; i think. Hehehe... I don't really see any reason behind it but I was really happy today. Proves that you just have to think positively towards life to actually stop worrying and enjoy all its pleasures and moment~ ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ (and I also don't like the cold boring me either... :P)

So anywayz, what's with the title of the post?!?!?! Maturity? Again, I pose the question to myself; Am I becoming more mature? Heck I hope not! hahahahaha... With that said, lemme quote from a friend who typed this up on his status a while ago on Facebook.

'...Ageing is inevitable, but maturity is optional!...'

Why am I relating immaturity with a Pichu? No association what-so-ever. Just thought that the cute lil thing could brighten up the post a lil. :D So if we do take '...maturity is optional...' a lil seriously, then how can we be immature? [Ponders] Ah well, I guess I'm immature in some ways or another. I don't take things seriously at times. Probably just immature for my age, not immature in general... How do you think I've survived Medical school for more than a year now with being solely immature? Then again, how would I have survived the whole year without my intermitent immaturity? Meh... I'm spouting random nonesense yet again... moving on...

Who's the lil' guy in the pic? My lil brother? Nah... Guess again? My nephew? Nah... I'm the eldest child, and only one of my cousins has tied the knot very recently... My cousin? Nah... My siblings are the youngest on our dad's side... But a cousin is coming soon... dued to be born sometime in February... So that leaves us with only one other answer (well, technically, there's about a lot of other possibilities still but hey, let's cut it short...). It's me! hehehe =D Not too sure if it was 17-18 years ago... sigh... I thought of posting this pic of me after reading a friend's blog about growing up (and he actually stated he was somewhat more mature; yeah rite~).

LoLz, I've been rambling lots of nonsense these past few days haven't I? Sure makes this a place for pouting out nonsense... But YOU are still reading it! hehehe So these nonsense does make sense... hahaha... Anywayz...

Later dudes and dudettes...
Cyid Out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

.:: GeTTiNG CoLDeR ::.

Hey Peeps...

Yup... It is getting colder and colder by the day. The weather. To add to that the autumn wind is still sticking around. Wind + Lack of Heat = FREEZING TEMPERATURE. Thankfully Mr Sun is still shining radiantly through some parts of the day. You can still feel the warmth of the rays... If you've been to Ireland you'd probably be familiar with the Irish weather. It rains, it pours, it showers quite a lot. I wouldn't say most times but apparently people says it does... Maybe I'm just lucky that I don't get soaked the times I go out. So now let's add more stuff to the equation above. Wind + Lack of Heat + Rain = SUBZERO. :P Sometimes you can barely feel your hands (if you're not wearing gloves which I intend to buy sometime soon~)

That should be sufficient for the local weather report. Back to the studio~ [weatherman mode]. Anywayz, not only the weather's getting colder. Today I've also been told that I'm getting colder... =( Well, that was only an honest comment from a friend, which i do treasure a lot. Sometimes, we tend to not notice these little changes in us because we like to observe others. We see things about others better than we do see stuff about our own self. More reflection? Hahaha... Unintentionally I am forced to do more and more reflection each and every day... Am I getting colder? I hope I'm not turning cold... I really do hope not. If I am, I seriously can't seem to pinpoint why I am going down this path... Well, anyhow... I'll just have to melt the cold away and shine happily! hehehe :D Either I'm turing cold or I'm just turning less childish~ am I becoming more mature?!?!?! YIKES! No, no! Hit the stop button! :P

Alright, enough with all the cold... Let's heat things up! hehehe! Life's been getting busier by the day (hence you get to read all these new posts! ahakz! :P) There's a few more weeks till the winter break and there's tons of work to get done, and I haven't even started to talk about the load of revision that needs to be done! Sometimes you just have to wake up and chant '...i love medical school... i love medical school... i love medical school...' to just get you through the day.

I miss chatting with my mum for up to hours~ LoLz... My parents are in Saudi Arabia right now preparing for the Hajj. (and the cost to call there is quite expensive~ wah, what a cheapskate). Random random thoughts there peeps... Yesterdays, yesterweeks, yestermonths, yesteryears... How they flew by so very quickly... All those fond memories... sigh... Nostalgic... But we have to live for the present... Let's move on!

I have no clue why this Ice Kirby is here... LoL... Maybe because we were talking about cold n lack of heat from before... Anybody seen Kirby before? I haven't seen much but just know the character a lil... I can only recall the pink bundle of joy actually, didn't know there were more than just one... Anywayz, I don't think I should be spouting more nonesense about something I have no idea about.

I better be off now peeps... Like I did mention earlier, there's actually tons to be done in so little time... And yet at these critical times I actually feel like blogging! :P

Later dudes and dudettes~
Cyid Out.

Monday, November 16, 2009

.:: RaNDoM RaMBLiNGS ::.

Hiya Peeps...

I don't usually make the title as obvious as the one above... But this time, this post it actually based on one of those random ramblings... It's quite an achievement for me to say that I actually did some 'reflection' on my behaviours... This actually happened when i was having random chit-chats with a housemate while we were walking back from a friend's house...

I am selfish... at times anywayz (that's what I like to think). I like to think of myself more than I think of others... I sometimes PUSH people away from me... Why? I have no idea... Maybe I just don't like them... Or maybe they don't like me... Either way I guess it'll feel better for myself if I push them away... That's why I am selfish... Why EMO all of a sudden? What's so emo about this? :P Peeps are filled with emotions... Sometimes you just have to let it out... Although they may bring about certain unwanted circumstances...

See where I'm going with this post? No? That's why it's called 'Random Ramblings' cos I too don't have it all planned out... Just rambling random things that pops up in my head...

Ok, back to the selfish pushing-away guy that I was then... Peeps, I do push people away if I feel I am not treated right... [remember that I am selfish]. It's a way I lessen that unwanted hatred in the heart, it's my way of lessening the void that may grow in a friendship, it's a way I feel will make me not feel 'unwanted'. Hahaha... Gosh, this post is going down into the emo section... Damn, you'd probably think I was faced with some rejection or something... No peeps, dun worry, I'm fine, like I said, it's random ramblings... That's what happens when you reflect on certains things... How random a conversation can be sometimes~

So I actually would like to stop here for now... As for the people I have ever pushed away in my life... I am sorry... But I'm selfish... at times. So if you think you've been pushed away, you have my written/typed-up apology in this very paragraph. Sorry.

Haih... ( _ _" )
Not the usual post I would type up but hey, this is what da blog's for...
My random ramblings~ sigh.

Nyte dudes and dudettes~
cyid out.

Monday, October 19, 2009

.:: No aiR ::.

Hiya Peeps...

I have the weirdest times to have the urge to blog~ Oral Anatomy in a few days and this urge comes springing into life! LoL... Well, guess I can't help it...

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for series... Follow it like... like... like a hungry dog trailing a juicy bone~ Eeww... I should think of better stuff to be visualized but hey, spontaneous... can't be helped...

Wah, already 2 things happening that i can't cantrol, even in a blogpost~ aiyoo...

Anywayz... back to the main agenda... No aiR? yups, you guessed it. It's da Jordin Sparks feat Chris Brown song. Somehow it feels relevant to me all of a sudden... Guessed 'Glee' just brought it up at the right time... Anyone seen Glee? Like I said, I watch numerous series... Glee's just one of them... But I digress. I was talking about the song just now right?

Well... anywayz... I've made mistakes... busied myself with studies for the oral anatomy that i kindda spend less time with someone. Probably made that said person to feel neglected? My mistake. I'm sorry... I think I'm typing this up just to make myself feel better since that person doesn't even know the existance of this blog... sigh... Digressed, again. Well... making you upset feel really bad to the bone. Can't say much else but dedicate this to you... Nothing's changed, just been a little busier than usual~
(damn, that feels mushy but that's how things are~)

Just some simple rambling I guess to fill the void that is this blog at the moment... Been so damn lazy to post anything... Maybe life's been dull... Actually, that's not the case... Just haven't been getting the feel to post nowadays... Hope that feeling comes back soon 'cos I do miss typing up nonesense every now and then...

That's all for now... Back to the anatomy notes for me...
Later dudes and dudettes~

Cyid Out

Sunday, October 4, 2009

.::DiSTaNCe MaKe THe HeaRTS GRoW FoNDeR::.

Hiya Peeps...

I've been so very lazy, I know~ haih... And there goes the title to you all! Distanced myself to make our hearts grow fonder. ahakz! (i know, lame excuse... i was lazy, totally~)

So much has been happening all these while though. The best was that I got to go home! yippee! i would say it was a mere 2 months as it felt kindda short... but none-the-less, i still got to go home to the family. I even got to celebrate a whole week of eid back home~ yay! (all da moneh! hehehe)

And now since I'm back here in Dublin, I guess I might as well start blogging again! (might as well?) Been back a week and been down with a fever most of the week back~ hahaha... I'd say homesickness which could probably be cured only with a ticket back home... but we'll see what the GP says tomorrow~ It's quite hard to get an appointment these days... probably because of the flu going around an all...

Just a short lil post to say that, da biatch is back! hahaha... lol, that was so uncalled for but i loike it anywayz~ i'm here to stay! this place needs some touch-up too... will be doing that amongst all the academic workload they've blundered onto us this sem~ sigh... medical school seems to get tougher every sem~ live with it! ngeeeeeeeeeee~

aite peeps...

until next tyme.

cyid out

Monday, August 10, 2009

.:: Tagged ::.

It's high time I should update this blog before cobwebs starts to settle here and there... Anyways, as I am too bored and too lazy to update the blog with the happenings in my life (which apparently, hasn't been much anyway) I just thought I'd do this tag things... So here we go...

1. What is the most important thing in your life?
time. time. time. and when ur lucky; quality time.

2. What is the last thing you bought with your own money?
comics! magazines! and a book!

3. Where do you wish to get married?
Not too sure really... Have not thought much on marriage.

4. How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
I have no idea what this question means...

5. Are you in love?
Sadly... I guess not.

6. Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
My parents took me to this restaurant by the seaside... not too sure what it was called.

7. Name the latest book you bought.
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. (haven't touched it as of yet)

8. What is your full name?
For you to find out! :P

9. Do you prefer your mother or father?
Lol. Both. It's not like choosing vanilla over chocolate!

10. Name a person you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.
Urm... hard question...

11. Christina or Britney?
Christina for her voice. Britney for all the tunes to dance to.
Love them both!

12. Do you do your own laundry?
I guess so...

13. The most exciting place you want to go?
L.A is exciting

14. Camera or MP3 or handphone?
Handphones have more functions. duh~

15. 3 things I say too often?
"..agak ar..."

16. Book I read recently.
No Time for Goodbye (which i do recommend)

17. 4 songs I could listen over and over again.
Sway - Pussycat Dolls
It's Gonna Be Me - N'sync
Nobody Wants to be Lonely - Christina and Ricky Martin
A Whole New World - Aladdin OST

18. 3 things I learned last year.
How to cook.
How to live far far away from my family.
How to do the waltz, tango and salsa! :P

Saturday, August 1, 2009

.:: euRoPe aT a GLaNCe PaRT II ::.

Hiya Peeps...

Don't feel like updating that much this time but since I have done a part one in the last post, it's probably a must to do a part two to post up the rest of the album of my european conquest! lol...

So, here's the links for anyone who wants to see...

Alright folks... that's all for this post...

Am back in Malaysia at the moment and frankly, i don't have much idea of what to do before our Langkawi trip in a fortnight's time...

Cyid out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

.:: euRoPe aT a GLaNCe PaRT I ::.

Hiya Peeps...

I'm back on the blogsphere! (maybe not for long, but that's besides the point!) From the title above, you'll probably guess that I'm here to talk about my experiences from my eurotrip... However, an old saying pops into my head and keeps ringing like a broken alarm clock! '...a picture is worth a thousand words...'

So, being as lazy as I always have been, I'll leave you with a few pics... 5 to be exact because I somehow can't upload more... hahahaha... so 5 thousand words coming up :P

[In Granada, at the al-Hamra]

[Everyone should know where this is]

[Colleseum, Rome]

[Vienna, Austria]

[King Charles Bridge I think... But it's in Czech! lol]

Anywayz like I said before... blogspot has refrained me from uploading more pics... so those are just 1 pic representing the first 5 countries I went to... Maybe I will post up stuff about each country in the future but as off right now, this is it! hahahahaha

But I'm not that mean... Or maybe I am but I'll be nice this time... I've uploaded pics on Facebook, a lot of pics mind you... So i'll just give you links to them if you feel like clicking on them... lol... I've only uploaded about... 3 countries so far; Spain, France and Italy... More will be coming soon so I'll post those up in later posts on this blogs...

Aite... those are the albums. If you haven't already done so and would like to, add me on Facebook! Would love to make more friends! :D ngeeeeeeeeeee~

Till next time.
Later Dudes and Dudettes
Cyid out.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

.:: DoMiNaTioN ::.

Hi guys!

Hope everyone's doing great during this holiday season! (well, it's holiday season for me anyway! :P too bad if it isn't for you :P) Anywayz... I'm sorry, well, for more than just not updating for more than a month but also for not going to blog for another month or two... Hahaha... Lazy much? hehehe... So I don't think you can expect any new posts till... early august the earliest... But if you're feeling lucky, i might post something up before then; like end of july which is just a week difference, but it is a difference... hahahaha...

Anywayz, why the leave of absence you may ask? Well... starting this tuesday (16th june) I'll be on a globe-trotting trip across a few european countries... 9 in total i must say... muahahaha... crazy much? maybe... lol. Anywayz, wish me luck in accomplishing this very tiring but (hopefully) fun task! And yeah... need all the prayers for exams... hoping everything goes well so that this trip can run smoothly on! :D ngeeeeeeeee~

So a lil summary of the planned trip... shall we continue? We'll be going to ESPANA! urm... i think that's how you spell it in spanish... Anywayz, Spain; the places i remember that we're going amongst them are Madrid, Barcelona, Granada... Urm... and the others I have no idea... lol... Da pic below is da famous sagrada familia. (any fans of pokemon may know that this is a featured architecture in the... urm, 10th movie; the rise of darkrai - spoken like a true pokenerd there!)

Next up is FRANCE! Since I'm planning the trip for france I can give more details, but since i'm a lazy bum anywayz, i'll just keep it short... We'll be going to Paris; da city of light? city of love? city of money sucking people since it's pretty much the most expensive place i have to plan to... Anywayz... Paris aside, we're also going to Disneyland! :D (2nd tyme but after a decade, there're tons of addition! can't wait!). After those two... We'll be going to Marseille and Nice and most probably drop by Monaco since it's near enough with Nice already. France done... next!

Next comes ITALIA! Italy for us non-italians! hehehe... We'll be staying in Milan (still thinking of what to do there...). Then heading off to Rome! Enough said... hahahaha... Urm, but since i just watched Angels and Demons (yeah2, it's been out for a while but hey, we've been driven to the grounds by exams remember?) so we're also visiting Vatican City. From the movie, it looks cool. Hopefully the real deal will be as grand as my expectations or more... Venice is a no-go since we've already been...

Next all i know is that we're going to Vienna, Austria... Not much is known about the plan... hahahaha... Maybe cruising around da country (since it's not that big...)

Next up is CZECH REPUBLIC! Going to prague and all da other cities. Hopefully we can meet up with da guys that are staying there who are still in the midst of exams I think.

After czech, POLAND will be our next stop. Warsaw and Krakow was the two cities mentioned. Don't know much more than that.

Then GERMANY will be visited. Berlin? Berlin Wall? (Not much is known about the plans for Germany since I didn't pay much attention then... hahahahaha...)

Next will be the NETHERLANDS. Amsterdam and Rotterdam. That's all, i think.

And lastly... BELGIUM. Brussels and all da chocolate! hahahahaha

Anywayz... that's a summary of most of my european trip. Our planned trip back to dublin is on da 20th July... And my planned flight back to MALAYSIA (mish home so much! hahahahaha mish chubby lil' adik so much...) is on da 29th of July but I may make it earlier... MAY being the active word to emphasize... Since extending my stay in dublin from 20th to 29th seems... urm... i dunno... I don't feel that I need to spend that much time. May as well go home early and sleep for a whole week through.... hahahahaha; exhausted + jet lag + i sleep a lot anyway.

Almost forgot... another blog award from
RdhanZ. Thanx!

Anywayz guys, have fun with whatever you are doing. Pray for my safety, pray for my success in da exam results and pray, pray, pray! See ya guys whenever I see ya.

Quoting from Captain J.T.Kirk of U.S.S Enterprise. "...Kirk Out..."

Lol... so for me, it'll be "...Cyid Out..." rite? hahaha

Cyid Out!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

.:: FLoWeRS FoR MaMa DeaReST ::.

Hi guys...

I never seem to really be away from the blog, am I? hahahahaha... Well, exam draws nearer and I don't wan't my stay in Malaysia to be shorter than it should (for repeat exams) so i have to do well, or at least; pass! hahahaha

Anywayz, just taking a few mins to dedicate this post to my mama dearest! love you loads and loads and loads... nothing in the world can quantify my love towards you (which would be in many many folds back the other way gak kan, mama? hahaha).

Here's a lil photoshop project i made and sent to her (which hasn't arrived yet... lol)

I also ordered flowers for her (which turned out not as i expected, you can see from the pics below). I did not regret sending those to her cos i love her... I only regreted not choosing a better service... huhuhu... badmouthing a florist in particular? nah... to mature for that (yeah right). Tips for the future... survey more florist before actually buying it! (a lil furstrated but my mum's happy with it...)

[mama, i love you...]

[da pink flower bouquet]

[mama with da bouquet]

Anywayz... Won't be dedicating anything here... hahahaha (cos my parents won't be reading my blog... well, i hope not anyway). Everything's been put onto paper, pasted onto a card and shipped back home... just waiting for it to arrive... hahahaha...


To my chubby lil' bro: ADIK BULAT! ADIK BULAT! ADIK BULAT! (hahahahaha)
You can marah your abang all you like when he gets back home! I messaged my mum to send my regards to 'budak bulat' and then i got a reply from da lil' guy himself... here's da whole conversation for your enjoyment:

ok, x pa ja... rsyd sini siang. nnt suh je abah tlg transferkn. kim slm kt dak bulat tu.

wakpe abang kate adik bulat

dah adik memang bulat =P

adik dok belatih nak bagi kurus jangan pangge adik bulat

ok! adik comel =)

macam tu lah kata adik suke

hahaha. pi tidoq la adik, esok nk pi school

(this is msges sent n recieved btwn a 20 n a 6 y/o)

ROFL! Even my lil' bro knows how to sms! damn... and he's only 6! I remember i started playing with sms(es) when i was in form 2 (14y/o). How kids these days are advanced... huhuhu

Friday, May 8, 2009

.:: HuJaN PaNaS?!?!?! ::.

Hey Guys!

Insanity strikes yet again... This time it came from up above... 'Nasi Minyak Hujan Panas' which i kindda felt like cooking for the facilitators of our IMAM Clinical Competencies Class... Wish I was one of them... hahahahaha... owh, i forgot, i can devour how ever much i want cos i cooked it! :P

[on the left is the 1st batch, right - 2nd batch... more vibrant! muahahaha]

[i think this looks so colourful that it's hard to imagine it going down your gut!]

I have a feeling my insanity stops here for now... since exams are creeping up closer each freaking seconds! muahahahahahahaha... What does this rice goes with? Of course la ayam masak merah and acar timun and nenas... da very best from la chef, dRcYiD~ ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, May 7, 2009

.:: oF NaSi DaGaNG & ReNDaNG aYaM ::.

Hey guys...

On hiatus eh? lol... just had to poast this up since it's quite and achievement~ (hahaha... what a show off!). Exams coming up and this is what i get up to... stress? nah... just laziness... lol... kay, i'll be back to the hiatus state, unless i cook up other stuff worth blogging about...

When i'm in malaysia... it's always western food that's a priority.
Being in a western country... it's always the malaysian food that i crave...
waaaaa :(( -susah nak puas ati... terok2...

[1st attempt of nasi dagang... dunno ape rase die sangat... lol]

[2nd or 3rd attempt... this time, it kindda tast more like the rendangs i love... hahaha]

Saturday, May 2, 2009

.::oN HiaTuS::.

Hey Guys...

Well, every students have to face facts sooner or later, and guess what, this medic student will be taking a short lil' break from the blogsphere for a short while till he's done with exams...

Any prayers are welcomed! ngeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ :D Well, I'm going haywire already (even thought I've barely done much revision) so why not post up the timetables as well eh? woo hoo! :P

25th May 2009 will be the CardioRespiratory System Exam
26th May 2009 will be the Histology Exam
27th May 2009 will be the Health Behaviour and Society Exam
28th/29th May 2009 will be the Clinical Competencies (OSCE) Exam

2nd June 2009 will be the Molecular Medicine Exam
3rd June 2009 will be the Genitourinary & Endocrine Exam
4th/5th June 2009 will be the Anatomy Exam

[This is an actual picture, but it was made solely for this blog... muahahaha... wasn't studying to that extent, yet]

One thing's for sure though... I'll be looking forward to the end of exams! Lalalalala... Will be touring a lot of Europe before heading back to Malaysia on the 29th July 2009! Gosh... so much to look forward to...

Owh, btw... Thanx rdhanz for the award... hahahaha... lol, I'm just typing up what i fell like typing so getting an award for it is quite... urm... dun know how to describe it really! hahaha... Flattered, Grateful, Thankful... and all existing synonyms that goes with those words! :D

Try doing something productive without me! hahahaha... (makes it sound like it's A-MUST-READ blog when in fact, I don't even think much people read it... muahahaha...).

Later Dudes and Dudettes...
dRcYiD signing off...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

.:: ViCToRiouS ::.

A few hours away from da usual oral anatomy test and I felt like taking a breather... haih... Reading through the humongous load of e-mails through my school's Alumni YG, I couldn't be more happier (hahaha... just wanna add that 'more' in front of da superlative! dun scould me Usth Niza n Ust Kamaliah...) reading about the success that my juniors have achieved.

To my dearest juniors, I would like to CONGRATULATE you on your success in 'The 8th Interschool Debating Championship 2009'
. For someone who is very2 far away, can't do much but wait for the news through the Alumni YG. lol. And for a very lazy medic student, i've gone out of my ways to upload a few pics of the event (that i took from kak yun's blog! ngeeeee~ :D w/o permission)

and guys, i really like what you said:
"...Kami sedar sekolah kami tidak ternama seperti pasukan lawan, tetapi kita tidak patut melihat kepada siapa yang bercakap tetapi kepada apa yang diperkatakan..."
very2 touching (tetibe emotional... muahahaha)

[The stage is set for the final debate! Owh, it's alread started. My bad... (SMIH vs STAR)]

[Ilham, Eli Syazwani, Nur Liyana (not sure which girl is which - sorry if it's wrong! I only know Ilham :P)]

[When the winner was announced]

[JOHAN, tiga ribu sahaja? lol... i like 'sahaja' at the end... :P]

Was I in debates? Nope... hahaha, never had that much confidence in front of big crowds (stakat mulut lazer jer... tu pon kt KMB la start bermulut lazer secare aktif :P). But I was the MC for a debate back in our days! hahahaha... Years back, we were probably the first batch that started debating in school. It was more towards interclass and interforms. But still, I didn't do much good in debates! hahaha... Thankfully the school's gone forward with the debating theme! Go forth into the world and show 'em that we're great too guys and gurls! ngeeeeeeee~

Anywayz... Not much of my friends knew which school I was from when I was in KMB; it usually ends with 'the private daily school'. Don't get me wrong, I was proud of my backgrounds even though i don't really act much as a successful product of it (blame me, it's all my fault! My school was great :D How i wish i was in it forever!- overexageration but that's me). It's just hard when everyone else doesn't know anything about it! But now, after a few years of its establishment, I'm really proud of you Sekaloh Menengah Islam Hidayah for at a tender age of 14 years, you've already made name for yourself!

Anywayz... I should be getting back to my anatomy revision... 16 hours left... huhuhu... scared? Not too sure if I'm that scared since it does only total up to only 2.5% but still... 2.5% does help in sticky situations... An A, a -B... Maybe another A tomorrow? With god's willing...

Laterz dudes and dudettes!

For more info, you can visit their own blog: Kelab De'Pikir SMIH
And you can also visit the school's page: SMIH
(sambil2 promote diri, my pic is here (galeri foto 2006) tyme amek result SPM... huhuhu, teruk kan? pakai t-shirt and suar trackbottoms. hahaha - i was working at the school library then! x kan nak pakai smart2. x sangke pon result 'that ok'...)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

.:: Tyra Miss You ::.

This is a story of a gurl... and a guy...

One day, a girl named Tyra was walking up Grafton Street towards St Stephen's Green. She was beaming with excitement and happiness. If everyone else could be considered as stars scattered all over the dark night, calling Tyra the illuminous moon would be an understatement. Her every step were bouncy. Her feelings were ecstatic. But then again, why was she this happy?

Tyra skipped as she approached the big entrance gate of the park. Her excitement grew even more as she saw the guy that she hasn't seen for centuries! She hummed a tune to a song they both used to love listening together. Then the guy looked back seeing the girl he used to love being with so much. He stood up and walked over to her.

"Tyra Miss You..."

"I miss you too..."

And then, we're going to end the story there. I'll leave it up to your imaginations to conjure up an appropriate sweet ending to that little anecdote. Lol... sorry... muahahahahaha!

Anywayz... Tyra Miss You is just another way of pronouncing the ever so delicious dessert, tiramisu. A very good friend of mine; cHaQ with his blog 'Dari Sini Ke Bintang-Bintang' has posted a very easy recipe for a very easily made tiramisu. I liked the idea of not having to take too long in preparing the dessert so I tried it last friday night.

[This is my first failed attempt at making it... muahahahaha]

Anyway... What's with all the get-up under the failed-attempt at making a tiramisu? Is it a regular stand being decorated with a few 'borrowed' scarf? Or is it something very-very different? I'll let you ponder on that and I'll relieve you with the answer at the end of the post (which you can just scroll down to now if you wanted to... lol).

Anywayz... On saturday a friend of mine organized a suprised birthday party for his very special girl. Awww... shueeet... It wasn't even her actual birthday so she was suprised! hahaha... We had to have it early due to annoying exams... The party went smoothly i think... it lasted way too long but i was glad it did cos i haven't had much fun with these peeps for ages.

Da hostess prepared Nasi Lemak with sambal udang... OMG worth of deliciousness! LoL. And they also made fried bee hoon. Myself and no.1 brought deserts. I made TyraMissYou and no.1 made cheesecake, which was more delicious than the ones I made! hahaha... Da student has exceeded da sensei, even on his first attempt! Sedey2 but I was glad cos now people can bug no.1 with cheesecakes requests rather than bug me! muahahahaha... (i've had much fun in da culinary spotlight, let it shine on no.1 next :P)

Owh btw, who's no.1? He's my housemate? Why am I dubbing him with 'no.1'? Just because I want to! Cos it's my blog! Hahahaha. Anywayz... aside from all da food we had (which kept me stuffed right up till the next morning), we also had riddles! The riddles kindda took up a few hours but it was fun! hahahahaha... I'll end this post with a few of the riddles and answers, and also the answer to the question i asked a few paragraphs back.

Question: What is the biggest animal on earth?

A whale you say? Nope...
IKEA? (Yunus came up with that answer somehow...)
A blue whale? That's still a whale la!
The answer is...
A whale tempura! muahahahahahaha (lame but funny to me)

Question: What is the biggest wok in the world?

Why would you want to know that
And the answer?
The wok that fried the whale tempura! muahahahaha

And the answer to what was under the TyraMissYou?
A chopping board and a bowl filled with 2 cute lil goldfish! ngeeeee~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

.:: L.O.V.E ::.

Yeah... I think I also caught the bug... sigh... suddenly so smitten... maybe the blame can be put on the season; spring where there are many new beginnings. But that would be selfish of me to put the blame upon something other than my own self... sigh...

L.O.V.E makes you feel so happy.
L.O.V.E makes you feel content.
L.O.V.E makes you feel that everything else revolves around you... yet nothing else actually matters when you are in the embrace of L.O.V.E.
(why am i referring love as L.O.V.E anyway? lol... it's looks more important typed like that! :P)

[in love and lonely? why would that be?]

Okay... I have to admit that the picture above is perculiar, right? How can someone be in love yet be lonely?!?!?! Hurm... should i explain? Well... it's simple... The picture was cute and i liked it so, hahaha... anywayz... let's continue...

[Love Shines Through]

I love many things... My family... My friends... but that's beside the point... Who doesn't love their family and friends right? (alright... maybe there are people out there put on a tough act and says they don't but deep down they would still have a soft spot for their family and friends... no arguments there...). But like i said, that's beside the point... Loving another is quite a miraculous compasion cause your own feelings are put into works towards that significant other... I just have to express my feeling (hey, it's my blog, i'd do what i like with it!) out loud... hahaha... (because i can't do it on facebook... :P). I Love You... Who?

[Pages Coiled Up to Express That Magnificent Sensation!]

I love you... Literature! muahahahahaha... Well... That's all folks... :P Alright... i'll type a lil more... I love reading... May it be published books or just stories made up by people posted on the web (the latter is quite interesting too...). I can't deny that a good story does keep me curled up in bed just wanting more and more. Just wanting to get to the end to know what actually happens...

I love to write too... I used to write but nowadays... Medic has clogged my passion up... sigh... However, that writer's urge do tend to dominate every now and then... Especially after I've read/seen/watched something great giving inspiration to write. Sometimes dreams too make beautiful narrations (although most of the time i barely remember much details of...).

LoL... I don't really know the point of typing up this post aside from just updating on another one of my revamping attempt on the blog. I guess I did make a point that literature is great... lol... Peeps out there... Do not just live in the reality that you have to routinely carry out day in and day out... Give your imaginations some boost by diving into the world of fiction once in a while...

Huhuhu... i do not see much coherence in this post... (yet i claim that i like to write? this somehow seems as though they're two opposing traits... but hey... i haven't written in ages... give me a break :P).

Well folks... Dudes and Duddettes that has actually read up till this point, thanx for reading.

See ya next tyme!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another tag...

100 truths, tag 10 people to do the same. Don't forget to tag!

Last beverage → plain water.
Last phone call → Danial; housemate. Asked him what soysauce I was supposed to buy
(which shows i do not shop for our house's groceries much... hahahaha)
Last text message → E’e. ‘hormon disorder ko ni. Ok2, xnk kacau usaha ko tutup mata. Sila baca sms ni ngn mata tertutup’
(medic students are not always like this ok... it's just him :P or maybe an unexpected coincedence)
Last song you listened to → Liquid Dream by O-Town.
(random oldies... hahaha)
Last time you cried → Don't remember...

Dated someone twice → Nope
Been cheated → Nope.
Kissed someone & regretted it → No.
Lost someone special→ Not too sure…

Fallen out of love → Yes? but somehow back in it! hahahaha
(but maybe not so much on love... maybe infatuation... sigh...)
Laughed until you cried → Nah… haven’t done that in ages…
(please make me!)
Met someone who changed your life → Hurm… nope…
Found out someone was talking about you → Constantly but nothing to worry about.

How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? → ?!?!?!
How many kids do you want to have → around 4
(2 boys and 2 gurls!)
Do you have any pets → My dad keeps fishes
Do you want to change your name → Maybe… but mine’s pretty great already! :P
What time did you wake up today → Did not sleep… insomnia
What were you doing at midnight last night → Facebooking! hahaha
Name something you cannot wait for → My life to get better… haih… (sad… I know)
Last time you saw your father→ skype! Not sure when… 2 weeks ago probably
What's one thing you wish you could change --> Myself… that’s a lot of change!
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom --> might have…

What's getting on your nerves right now --> not getting my sleep! hahaha
What's your real name → Abdul Rasyid
Elementary/Primary School → Sek Ren Islam Hidayah, Rendell Primary
SchoolMiddle/Secondary School --> Limehurst High School, Sek Men Islam Hidayah
Hair color → Black.
Long or short → Medium
Are you a health freak → On-Off thing…
Righty or lefty → Righty

First surgery → None
First piercing → Never
First best friend → Not too sure… :P
First sport you joined → Soccer (hahahahahahaha…)
First pet → Turtle, 2 of them! I think they were call MiMi n CiKu (named by my cousin ok!)
First vacation → How should I remember that?!?!?!

Eating → I’m typing up…
Drinking → This tag thing…
Waiting → ……… owh, waiting for this week’s naruto manga….

Want kids? → Absolutely
Want to get married?→ Still thinking… :P
(people don't seem to be happy that i say i don't want to but i actually can't see myself as a hubby rite now!)
Careers in mind? → I do not have much choice at the moment do i? (doctor!)
(well... i wanted to be a teacher... hahahaha)

Kissed a stranger → Not yet… :D
(not yet... not yet... not yet... hahahaha)
Lost glasses/contacts → contacts in da toilet’s sink
Ran away from home → Never had the courage… hahahaha
Broken someone's heart → May have…
Been arrested → Nope.
Cried when someone died → Yes, but it’s a very slow reaction… hard to sink in…

Yourself → pathetically no…
Miracles → Yes.
Love at first sight → I think so…
Heaven → Yes.
Santa Claus → I have never gotten anything from him!
Kiss on the first date→ Depends on who’s the date…
Angels → Yes I do.

Is there one person you want to be with right now? → YES! hahahaha... (siapakah?!?!?!)
(this is answered excluding my family ok? lol... something to ponder...)
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → nope
(i am pathetic and have never had any romatic relationship... there! hahahahaha)
Do you believe in God? → absolutely :D

.:: Tagged ::.

1. Write down 3 things that you like about the one tagging you this:
a.) he’s sits in front of me during classes in form 5
b.) he’s in da middle east somewhere studying... (hahaha... sorry, forgot if it was cairo or not)
c.) he’s a great guy, really... :D

2. Is he/she important to you? Why?
Importante?!?!?! Hahahaha, munawwar, are you important to me?yes la... why? Not to sure... He’s one of my sevenians! Which i consider close bros!

3. Are you comfortable sharing things with him or her?
Kindda... it depends on what matter it is :P

4. Who is in the family that you close to? Name one.
My mama! Hahahaha... my siblings are 6 n 8 y/o so i don’t think i’d say them...

5. What song brings you the most meaningful meaning? Why?
You Raise Me Up; I dunno why but I feel touched listening to this song...Maybe because i wanted to be a teacher once... hahahaha...

6. Are you falling in love?
Maybe... or it may be infatuation/crush/etc...

7. What type of boy/girl are you running for?
I don’t have a clue at all...

8. Do you have any songs you wish someone would sing it for you?
I’d prefer duets, but i don’t know how to sing! :P
(for the duets, saiful n misha omar; tak ku duga... enrique n cris; nobody wants to be lonely)

9. What song are you currently listening?
If You Seek Amy – Britney
Jai Ho – PCD
New Classic – Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez
He said, She said – Ashley Tisdale
Libertango – Bond

10. What have been disturbing you these days?
My absolute laziness to at the very least read my notes... let alone study them... haih...And my sleep! It’s very disorientated! It’s wacky... Hating it... sigh...

11. What makes you wanna cry?
Chopping onions... hahaha... after so long avoiding them, when you chop it again, it really hurts! Lol...

12. What makes you angry?
Not having enough control over some things... insomnia... the list goes on...

13. How do you define ‘best friend’?
I see a lot of my friends as best friends...
To really define it is quite hard... hurm... I’m skipping this question! :D

14. Are you doing anything now?
Nope... it’s nearly 5am, what would i be doing?!?!?! (insomnia... sigh)

15. What do you need right now?
Sleep... and lots and lots of MONEY! hahahahaha

16. Who did you tell your deepest secret to?
A secret stays a secret when you don’t tell people!
Hahahaha...Urm... I dunno... I don’t keep secrets much nowadays...

17. What makes you trust him or her?
Trust no one! Hahahahahaha... (damn, i laugh alot...)
I think trust is very subjective... cos it differs a lot between every single person i trust...

18. How do you want person to see you?
I do not know how to interprate this question, so skip!
(or maybe i do; i want people to see me as someone happy-go-lucky :D)

19. Do you have or used to have any close friend(s) against your gender?
Close? Many i supposed... :P

20. What do you have in your mind right now?
‘...Why am I actually doing this tag thing...’ then the answer came
‘...cos it’s 5am and you can’t sleep...’ and
‘...I am definately going shopping in my 3 hours break between lectures today!

Anyone that feels that they are tagged... go on! Hahaha, have fun (ok, it’s not that fun but it beats not doing anything...)