Sunday, January 31, 2010


This is a really long winding (maybe boring) post! :P

I has already been a month into the new year; 2010 and I haven't even posted anything up! Is this blog dying or what? Well, the owner's not dead yet thankfully so I guess I don't have much explaination behind my sudden disappearance except for that i have been VERY LAZY to update the blog... But thankfully on this joyous bright sunny sunday where others venture out onto the earth to have fun in the sun, I had that sudden urge to blog again! And no, this time, there's no tests nor exams to diverge my concentration from (as i usually do when there are tests to study for).

Anywayz, enough with that... Sounds boring already... I visited another blog earlier this month (though i've already forgotten which one...) and saw that the owner did a recap of the past decade of his life... seems interesting enough to make a post out of it! =D So let's do a lil brief recap of my life (how ever boring it may be) from 2000 all the way to 2009 (since nothing much has happened in 2010 as of yet!)

The year celebrating the coming of the new millenium. I was 12? yeah... 12. Anywayz... I was living in the UK back then. As most 12 y/os, we had to take a test before going into secondary school, or as we called it there; high school. SATs didn't seem as stressful as my other exams. I still remembered the essay I did for english! hehehe... My results weren't that bad I guess... Good, but not great... So then in the middle of the year, I went from Rendell Primary School into Limehurst High School. Made great new friends when I enrolled into high school. Adi, Liyana, Farah Fatin, Athirah, Naim and Nabilah! Good good friends. Gosh... this seems a little boring already... Let's jump onto the next year now, shall we?

13 years old. The year where I became a brother! Hehehe... Yeah, I lived a good 13 years as an only child so I'm not that bothered when a little critter came into our life. My lil baby sis was born in December, the last month of 2001, so what happened in the eleven months prior to that? Nothing as special I guess... Could still remember the feeling of getting a sibling after 13 years of being an only child. It felt... weird, but great! I still remember bring her baby pics to class to share with my friends! LoL, those were the days...

This is the year when we moved back to Malaysia after my dad completed his PhD. This is the year when I met back with SO many childhood friends as I enrolled into SMI Hidayah. The first few months of school was SO difficult in terms of academics and socializing. I'm a shy guy; ok maybe not nowadays but i WAS... thankfully pulled through quite ok by the end of the year, not excellent, but just plain good which is ok i guess... See, my life has never been about excellence! hehehe =P

I wouldn't say SO MUCH happened this year but a few great memories were carved. One being that we opened our arms to another little bundle of joy, this time though, I got a new baby brother. So much for being the only child! hehehe... So now there's the big bro, the big sis and the lil baby bro. Again, after waiting for so long, you could never have guessed how happy i was back then (and still am now!). The funny thing was, I was away when he was born. I was out camping in fact! So I first met my lil bro when he was 3 days old...

As all form 3 students in Malaysia know, we had to face an exam that year. PMR. One of those exams where it's important enough to decide what you'll be venturing through in the future! hehehe... Quite something to face right! I also remembered that my 15th birthday was also on the 2nd day of the exams although we never really had big celebrations anyway. Thankfully I was blessed with 8As and 1B for the exam... So the next two years would be quite horrific as I'm destined to enroll into the science classes. [take note that I've never really had much ambitions since I was a kid except that I really really wanted to be a power ranger! :P]

Sweet sixteen?!?!?! yeah right. Nothing sweet but 2004 was really fun! I felt that it was one of the most fun years (another one being in 2005) of my schooling years! Friends became closer friends, school was fun (yeah, i know... NERD much?). All in all, nothing much happened to me outside the realms of school. Hey, hey... I'm not that nerdy, seriously... ask anyone... Ok, so not much happened this year I guess... Moving on...

One would would probably sum it up. SPM. It's an abbreviation but I consider it one word :P This is the year I sat the exam to obtain the Certificate of Education, Malaysia. So you know... busy studying, I was also busy online! hehehe... Back then it was with friendster! Ok, SPM took most of the time. Moving on...

Our school alumni thought of a programme for us since it's 3 months away till we get our results. So we were shipped off to Aceh to observe the effects of the Tsunami onto the citizens. since it's under 2 years after the tsunami hits Aceh, there were still much destruction seen. A whole month being in Aceh was quite fun actually... That's probably the 1st time i've been away so long from my family. We met lots of people there (and tried so many new FOOD!).

After Aceh, the results came out... Not too bad... Then that phase came; the applying for scholarship phase. As well as 'what are you gonna do for the rest of your life' phase. Which I hated a lot!!! I hate making big decisions and going through massive changes in life. Although change is natural, moving out of your comfort zone is tough. I actually applied for many things since I haven't really made up my mind yet then. The two roads that was conflicting was between medicine and english. I really liked english, be it literature or teaching it. My mum was quite supportive of the teaching career although she advised me to be a lecturer rather than becoming a teacher. But anywayz, since there wasn't any doctors in our family (extended family) the pressure did rise and most people seem that it was pretty obvious that i would jump onto the medical train towards the hospital with the grades i achieved. So I took that train...

And enrolled into MCB, Mara College Banting, or better known as KMB. We had to do IB, International Baccalaureate. I haven't a clue what I was enrolling myself into as long as it's a means of getting into a medical degree. The first semester of KMB was HELL! hahaha... Like i mentioned before, I've never really been away from my family much so a whole semester being away from my family was tough. But as hell-ish as it was, it was fun too.

Another thing that happened this year, at then end of the year to be precise, was that my cousin passed away because of leukemia. That's probably the first time having a close family member encountering death. Didn't know how to react at first but then it sank in and I guess that was the first time i felt a loss of a family member... So many things happened that very year...

My 2nd and 3rd semester in KMB was FUN! Made a really great circle of friends then. So many things happened in KMB that i would say matures me in a few ways and nurtures the child in me as well!

The year when we were free from the clutches of IB and KMB! lol... something to really celebrate about. The final IB exam was quite hell-ish as well as it was to determine if we were to continue into our degrees overseas or the unknown outcome... Which thankfully i didn't have to find out. Before the results were out though, two memorable things happened.

One of them was that my youngest aunt got married. I think it was around the time right after i came out of KMB. Being involved in a wedding was fun!

The other was when my great grandma passed away at the age of... well, we weren't sure for certain but she was really old. the 2nd time felling that great family member loss feeling.

And 2008 was also the year when I flew to Ireland to start on my medical degree. It wasn't my first time living in a foreign country but it was my first time living in a foriegn country alone without my family...

last year was FABULOUS! hehehe... in the summer I went back-packing around europe! covered 8-9 countries in a month i think... well, this was in previous posts so i won't really bore you with something you've already read about.

after the euro trip, i went back to malaysia for the fasting month and also for eid celebration...

And thankfully, I started my 2nd year as well! hehehe... still a long road ahead for this medical degree to end! ( T - T )

Ok, I'm tired...
Cyid out!