Friday, July 24, 2009

.:: euRoPe aT a GLaNCe PaRT I ::.

Hiya Peeps...

I'm back on the blogsphere! (maybe not for long, but that's besides the point!) From the title above, you'll probably guess that I'm here to talk about my experiences from my eurotrip... However, an old saying pops into my head and keeps ringing like a broken alarm clock! '...a picture is worth a thousand words...'

So, being as lazy as I always have been, I'll leave you with a few pics... 5 to be exact because I somehow can't upload more... hahahaha... so 5 thousand words coming up :P

[In Granada, at the al-Hamra]

[Everyone should know where this is]

[Colleseum, Rome]

[Vienna, Austria]

[King Charles Bridge I think... But it's in Czech! lol]

Anywayz like I said before... blogspot has refrained me from uploading more pics... so those are just 1 pic representing the first 5 countries I went to... Maybe I will post up stuff about each country in the future but as off right now, this is it! hahahahaha

But I'm not that mean... Or maybe I am but I'll be nice this time... I've uploaded pics on Facebook, a lot of pics mind you... So i'll just give you links to them if you feel like clicking on them... lol... I've only uploaded about... 3 countries so far; Spain, France and Italy... More will be coming soon so I'll post those up in later posts on this blogs...

Aite... those are the albums. If you haven't already done so and would like to, add me on Facebook! Would love to make more friends! :D ngeeeeeeeeeee~

Till next time.
Later Dudes and Dudettes
Cyid out.