Sunday, May 10, 2009

.:: FLoWeRS FoR MaMa DeaReST ::.

Hi guys...

I never seem to really be away from the blog, am I? hahahahaha... Well, exam draws nearer and I don't wan't my stay in Malaysia to be shorter than it should (for repeat exams) so i have to do well, or at least; pass! hahahaha

Anywayz, just taking a few mins to dedicate this post to my mama dearest! love you loads and loads and loads... nothing in the world can quantify my love towards you (which would be in many many folds back the other way gak kan, mama? hahaha).

Here's a lil photoshop project i made and sent to her (which hasn't arrived yet... lol)

I also ordered flowers for her (which turned out not as i expected, you can see from the pics below). I did not regret sending those to her cos i love her... I only regreted not choosing a better service... huhuhu... badmouthing a florist in particular? nah... to mature for that (yeah right). Tips for the future... survey more florist before actually buying it! (a lil furstrated but my mum's happy with it...)

[mama, i love you...]

[da pink flower bouquet]

[mama with da bouquet]

Anywayz... Won't be dedicating anything here... hahahaha (cos my parents won't be reading my blog... well, i hope not anyway). Everything's been put onto paper, pasted onto a card and shipped back home... just waiting for it to arrive... hahahaha...


To my chubby lil' bro: ADIK BULAT! ADIK BULAT! ADIK BULAT! (hahahahaha)
You can marah your abang all you like when he gets back home! I messaged my mum to send my regards to 'budak bulat' and then i got a reply from da lil' guy himself... here's da whole conversation for your enjoyment:

ok, x pa ja... rsyd sini siang. nnt suh je abah tlg transferkn. kim slm kt dak bulat tu.

wakpe abang kate adik bulat

dah adik memang bulat =P

adik dok belatih nak bagi kurus jangan pangge adik bulat

ok! adik comel =)

macam tu lah kata adik suke

hahaha. pi tidoq la adik, esok nk pi school

(this is msges sent n recieved btwn a 20 n a 6 y/o)

ROFL! Even my lil' bro knows how to sms! damn... and he's only 6! I remember i started playing with sms(es) when i was in form 2 (14y/o). How kids these days are advanced... huhuhu

Friday, May 8, 2009

.:: HuJaN PaNaS?!?!?! ::.

Hey Guys!

Insanity strikes yet again... This time it came from up above... 'Nasi Minyak Hujan Panas' which i kindda felt like cooking for the facilitators of our IMAM Clinical Competencies Class... Wish I was one of them... hahahahaha... owh, i forgot, i can devour how ever much i want cos i cooked it! :P

[on the left is the 1st batch, right - 2nd batch... more vibrant! muahahaha]

[i think this looks so colourful that it's hard to imagine it going down your gut!]

I have a feeling my insanity stops here for now... since exams are creeping up closer each freaking seconds! muahahahahahahaha... What does this rice goes with? Of course la ayam masak merah and acar timun and nenas... da very best from la chef, dRcYiD~ ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, May 7, 2009

.:: oF NaSi DaGaNG & ReNDaNG aYaM ::.

Hey guys...

On hiatus eh? lol... just had to poast this up since it's quite and achievement~ (hahaha... what a show off!). Exams coming up and this is what i get up to... stress? nah... just laziness... lol... kay, i'll be back to the hiatus state, unless i cook up other stuff worth blogging about...

When i'm in malaysia... it's always western food that's a priority.
Being in a western country... it's always the malaysian food that i crave...
waaaaa :(( -susah nak puas ati... terok2...

[1st attempt of nasi dagang... dunno ape rase die sangat... lol]

[2nd or 3rd attempt... this time, it kindda tast more like the rendangs i love... hahaha]

Saturday, May 2, 2009

.::oN HiaTuS::.

Hey Guys...

Well, every students have to face facts sooner or later, and guess what, this medic student will be taking a short lil' break from the blogsphere for a short while till he's done with exams...

Any prayers are welcomed! ngeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ :D Well, I'm going haywire already (even thought I've barely done much revision) so why not post up the timetables as well eh? woo hoo! :P

25th May 2009 will be the CardioRespiratory System Exam
26th May 2009 will be the Histology Exam
27th May 2009 will be the Health Behaviour and Society Exam
28th/29th May 2009 will be the Clinical Competencies (OSCE) Exam

2nd June 2009 will be the Molecular Medicine Exam
3rd June 2009 will be the Genitourinary & Endocrine Exam
4th/5th June 2009 will be the Anatomy Exam

[This is an actual picture, but it was made solely for this blog... muahahaha... wasn't studying to that extent, yet]

One thing's for sure though... I'll be looking forward to the end of exams! Lalalalala... Will be touring a lot of Europe before heading back to Malaysia on the 29th July 2009! Gosh... so much to look forward to...

Owh, btw... Thanx rdhanz for the award... hahahaha... lol, I'm just typing up what i fell like typing so getting an award for it is quite... urm... dun know how to describe it really! hahaha... Flattered, Grateful, Thankful... and all existing synonyms that goes with those words! :D

Try doing something productive without me! hahahaha... (makes it sound like it's A-MUST-READ blog when in fact, I don't even think much people read it... muahahaha...).

Later Dudes and Dudettes...
dRcYiD signing off...