Thursday, April 30, 2009

.:: ViCToRiouS ::.

A few hours away from da usual oral anatomy test and I felt like taking a breather... haih... Reading through the humongous load of e-mails through my school's Alumni YG, I couldn't be more happier (hahaha... just wanna add that 'more' in front of da superlative! dun scould me Usth Niza n Ust Kamaliah...) reading about the success that my juniors have achieved.

To my dearest juniors, I would like to CONGRATULATE you on your success in 'The 8th Interschool Debating Championship 2009'
. For someone who is very2 far away, can't do much but wait for the news through the Alumni YG. lol. And for a very lazy medic student, i've gone out of my ways to upload a few pics of the event (that i took from kak yun's blog! ngeeeee~ :D w/o permission)

and guys, i really like what you said:
"...Kami sedar sekolah kami tidak ternama seperti pasukan lawan, tetapi kita tidak patut melihat kepada siapa yang bercakap tetapi kepada apa yang diperkatakan..."
very2 touching (tetibe emotional... muahahaha)

[The stage is set for the final debate! Owh, it's alread started. My bad... (SMIH vs STAR)]

[Ilham, Eli Syazwani, Nur Liyana (not sure which girl is which - sorry if it's wrong! I only know Ilham :P)]

[When the winner was announced]

[JOHAN, tiga ribu sahaja? lol... i like 'sahaja' at the end... :P]

Was I in debates? Nope... hahaha, never had that much confidence in front of big crowds (stakat mulut lazer jer... tu pon kt KMB la start bermulut lazer secare aktif :P). But I was the MC for a debate back in our days! hahahaha... Years back, we were probably the first batch that started debating in school. It was more towards interclass and interforms. But still, I didn't do much good in debates! hahaha... Thankfully the school's gone forward with the debating theme! Go forth into the world and show 'em that we're great too guys and gurls! ngeeeeeeee~

Anywayz... Not much of my friends knew which school I was from when I was in KMB; it usually ends with 'the private daily school'. Don't get me wrong, I was proud of my backgrounds even though i don't really act much as a successful product of it (blame me, it's all my fault! My school was great :D How i wish i was in it forever!- overexageration but that's me). It's just hard when everyone else doesn't know anything about it! But now, after a few years of its establishment, I'm really proud of you Sekaloh Menengah Islam Hidayah for at a tender age of 14 years, you've already made name for yourself!

Anywayz... I should be getting back to my anatomy revision... 16 hours left... huhuhu... scared? Not too sure if I'm that scared since it does only total up to only 2.5% but still... 2.5% does help in sticky situations... An A, a -B... Maybe another A tomorrow? With god's willing...

Laterz dudes and dudettes!

For more info, you can visit their own blog: Kelab De'Pikir SMIH
And you can also visit the school's page: SMIH
(sambil2 promote diri, my pic is here (galeri foto 2006) tyme amek result SPM... huhuhu, teruk kan? pakai t-shirt and suar trackbottoms. hahaha - i was working at the school library then! x kan nak pakai smart2. x sangke pon result 'that ok'...)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

.:: Tyra Miss You ::.

This is a story of a gurl... and a guy...

One day, a girl named Tyra was walking up Grafton Street towards St Stephen's Green. She was beaming with excitement and happiness. If everyone else could be considered as stars scattered all over the dark night, calling Tyra the illuminous moon would be an understatement. Her every step were bouncy. Her feelings were ecstatic. But then again, why was she this happy?

Tyra skipped as she approached the big entrance gate of the park. Her excitement grew even more as she saw the guy that she hasn't seen for centuries! She hummed a tune to a song they both used to love listening together. Then the guy looked back seeing the girl he used to love being with so much. He stood up and walked over to her.

"Tyra Miss You..."

"I miss you too..."

And then, we're going to end the story there. I'll leave it up to your imaginations to conjure up an appropriate sweet ending to that little anecdote. Lol... sorry... muahahahahaha!

Anywayz... Tyra Miss You is just another way of pronouncing the ever so delicious dessert, tiramisu. A very good friend of mine; cHaQ with his blog 'Dari Sini Ke Bintang-Bintang' has posted a very easy recipe for a very easily made tiramisu. I liked the idea of not having to take too long in preparing the dessert so I tried it last friday night.

[This is my first failed attempt at making it... muahahahaha]

Anyway... What's with all the get-up under the failed-attempt at making a tiramisu? Is it a regular stand being decorated with a few 'borrowed' scarf? Or is it something very-very different? I'll let you ponder on that and I'll relieve you with the answer at the end of the post (which you can just scroll down to now if you wanted to... lol).

Anywayz... On saturday a friend of mine organized a suprised birthday party for his very special girl. Awww... shueeet... It wasn't even her actual birthday so she was suprised! hahaha... We had to have it early due to annoying exams... The party went smoothly i think... it lasted way too long but i was glad it did cos i haven't had much fun with these peeps for ages.

Da hostess prepared Nasi Lemak with sambal udang... OMG worth of deliciousness! LoL. And they also made fried bee hoon. Myself and no.1 brought deserts. I made TyraMissYou and no.1 made cheesecake, which was more delicious than the ones I made! hahaha... Da student has exceeded da sensei, even on his first attempt! Sedey2 but I was glad cos now people can bug no.1 with cheesecakes requests rather than bug me! muahahahaha... (i've had much fun in da culinary spotlight, let it shine on no.1 next :P)

Owh btw, who's no.1? He's my housemate? Why am I dubbing him with 'no.1'? Just because I want to! Cos it's my blog! Hahahaha. Anywayz... aside from all da food we had (which kept me stuffed right up till the next morning), we also had riddles! The riddles kindda took up a few hours but it was fun! hahahahaha... I'll end this post with a few of the riddles and answers, and also the answer to the question i asked a few paragraphs back.

Question: What is the biggest animal on earth?

A whale you say? Nope...
IKEA? (Yunus came up with that answer somehow...)
A blue whale? That's still a whale la!
The answer is...
A whale tempura! muahahahahahaha (lame but funny to me)

Question: What is the biggest wok in the world?

Why would you want to know that
And the answer?
The wok that fried the whale tempura! muahahahaha

And the answer to what was under the TyraMissYou?
A chopping board and a bowl filled with 2 cute lil goldfish! ngeeeee~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

.:: L.O.V.E ::.

Yeah... I think I also caught the bug... sigh... suddenly so smitten... maybe the blame can be put on the season; spring where there are many new beginnings. But that would be selfish of me to put the blame upon something other than my own self... sigh...

L.O.V.E makes you feel so happy.
L.O.V.E makes you feel content.
L.O.V.E makes you feel that everything else revolves around you... yet nothing else actually matters when you are in the embrace of L.O.V.E.
(why am i referring love as L.O.V.E anyway? lol... it's looks more important typed like that! :P)

[in love and lonely? why would that be?]

Okay... I have to admit that the picture above is perculiar, right? How can someone be in love yet be lonely?!?!?! Hurm... should i explain? Well... it's simple... The picture was cute and i liked it so, hahaha... anywayz... let's continue...

[Love Shines Through]

I love many things... My family... My friends... but that's beside the point... Who doesn't love their family and friends right? (alright... maybe there are people out there put on a tough act and says they don't but deep down they would still have a soft spot for their family and friends... no arguments there...). But like i said, that's beside the point... Loving another is quite a miraculous compasion cause your own feelings are put into works towards that significant other... I just have to express my feeling (hey, it's my blog, i'd do what i like with it!) out loud... hahaha... (because i can't do it on facebook... :P). I Love You... Who?

[Pages Coiled Up to Express That Magnificent Sensation!]

I love you... Literature! muahahahahaha... Well... That's all folks... :P Alright... i'll type a lil more... I love reading... May it be published books or just stories made up by people posted on the web (the latter is quite interesting too...). I can't deny that a good story does keep me curled up in bed just wanting more and more. Just wanting to get to the end to know what actually happens...

I love to write too... I used to write but nowadays... Medic has clogged my passion up... sigh... However, that writer's urge do tend to dominate every now and then... Especially after I've read/seen/watched something great giving inspiration to write. Sometimes dreams too make beautiful narrations (although most of the time i barely remember much details of...).

LoL... I don't really know the point of typing up this post aside from just updating on another one of my revamping attempt on the blog. I guess I did make a point that literature is great... lol... Peeps out there... Do not just live in the reality that you have to routinely carry out day in and day out... Give your imaginations some boost by diving into the world of fiction once in a while...

Huhuhu... i do not see much coherence in this post... (yet i claim that i like to write? this somehow seems as though they're two opposing traits... but hey... i haven't written in ages... give me a break :P).

Well folks... Dudes and Duddettes that has actually read up till this point, thanx for reading.

See ya next tyme!