Thursday, December 1, 2011

.:: of PRioRiTies aND oPTioNs ::.

Woah! *wipes away cobwebs and dust bunnies*

Haven't been blogging in a LONG LONG while. But heck who cares right? It's not like many people read anyway. Hehe. I need to remind myself this is my personal (yet publicly open) abode to scribble my thoughts and opinions instead of garnering comments, followers and what nots.

It's very important to remind ourselves of our priorities. Taking into example the previous paragraph, my utmost priority is to publish my opinions and thoughts. Thus the frequency, number of followers and number of comments should be irrelevant to how I post (although i do admit having random response with differing perspectives does seem fun to read :P)

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Anyhow. Priorities and Options. Let us talk about having people as priorities or options in life. How one and the other is treated is very2 much different thus shows what people think of you when they've categorized you as either a Priority or just as an option in their life.

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