Thursday, December 1, 2011

.:: of PRioRiTies aND oPTioNs ::.

Woah! *wipes away cobwebs and dust bunnies*

Haven't been blogging in a LONG LONG while. But heck who cares right? It's not like many people read anyway. Hehe. I need to remind myself this is my personal (yet publicly open) abode to scribble my thoughts and opinions instead of garnering comments, followers and what nots.

It's very important to remind ourselves of our priorities. Taking into example the previous paragraph, my utmost priority is to publish my opinions and thoughts. Thus the frequency, number of followers and number of comments should be irrelevant to how I post (although i do admit having random response with differing perspectives does seem fun to read :P)

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Anyhow. Priorities and Options. Let us talk about having people as priorities or options in life. How one and the other is treated is very2 much different thus shows what people think of you when they've categorized you as either a Priority or just as an option in their life.

You want more?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

.:: oF PiTTeR PaTTeR ::.

Hey Peeps,

Yeah, quite a long absence then... Nearly 2 weeks~ hehehe... Well, you know, with exams coming up and all (like hell i was ONLY studying). But anywayz, this would probably be a short post. 'oF PiTTeR PaTTeR' is about rain. Yeah, the droplets of waters that falls from the skies and not the korean singer! LoL.

[grabbed from 2lovinuyasha]

Why talk about rain all of a sudden? Only because Dubdub (dublin) has been pouring these few days. I was walking outside with a few friends house hunting yesterday when it was sunny although a little breezy when suddenly, it poured!!! LoL. We were walking along the canal so there were trees to take cover under. It rained as it were in Malaysia~ hehehe...

[grabbed from k-lia]

Well... anywayz... Tomorrow there's TeamOSCE to worry about. Patient Actors, here comes play dr cyid! hehe... hope everything goes well...

later dudes and dudettes
cyid out

Friday, August 6, 2010

.:: oF DeTaCHMeNTS ::.

Hey Peeps.

Yeah, another update from da crazy dude. And this post is entitled 'oF DeTaCHMeNTS'; talking about pushing things away, trying to forget and basically, moving on. =) No, no. It doesn't really have to be happening to me! hehe... Look, see... am all cheerful and happy =)

Some people come into our lives bringing happiness. Some even come with promising words. Words that makes you hang to every last syllable, every last letter. Words that make you believe there's hope; there's a chance at something. How silly can people be when they just go head-on believing such words; putting their full trust and lastly those words ended up just being mere words, most probably forgotten with the ticking of time.

But why still keep hanging on to those words even though they prove to be meaningless in the end? There's this little thing called trust. And also the void of doubts. For most parts, trust is a good thing. I for one believe in trusting people. This may sound very immature but trusting is so much easier and less burdening compared to doubting. =)

But as Lady Gaga and Beyonce said in their single; 'Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack...' See... When someone starts to trust you, they've actually given themselves to you per se (have to be put into context la!). But when you break that trust, either one of two things could happen. They can just not trust you anymore, or they try to trust you again with the memory of you once breaking their trust.

So, if that trust is already broken, why not move on? That's caused by this little thing called separation anxiety. They don't feel brave enough to detach themselves and plunge into the unknown without the other. But once these anxiety has lessen, babysteps are made to detach from the trust breaker. hehe, OMG, I'm not making any sense here... sigh...

Owh well, breaking away isn't as easy as it may sound. But if the situation's bugging you and filling you with negative thoughts, vibes and feelings, it's the thing you must master.

So, all I'm saying is, I'm detaching myself slowly as you've broken my trust not once (which I overlooked since I made my own poor judgement) but twice. EH! Why did it all get personal all of a sudden? hehehe... I have no idea~ :P Out of sight, out of mind, out of reach, out; get the hell out! woot~ [emotional much?]

Well anywayz...
It's my last night at home before departing towards the emerald isle once again (this time for a reseat paper... sigh... wished i would have done better the first time round)
Till next time (which hopefully will be soon), later days dudes and dudettes.
cyid out.

[where has all those happy2 post gone?!?!?!]

.:: oF LiTTLe PRaYeRS ::.

Hey Peeps.

Yup, I guess it's time for another one of those whirlwind updates... short but, well... I wouldn't go as far as to call them meaningful! 'oF LiTTLe PRaYeRS' is dedicated to the song 'Say a Little Prayer for You'. I've always loved the Glee cover version of it cos the gurls had such melody blending together! hehehe... And yeah, there was this one time I watched 'My Best Friend's Wedding', the song came up too! I know, it's an old film but it's real sweet and cool! Loved the storyline!

About prayers... we never really know when they will be answered; that's probably where the magic lies... In the trust and hope of it being answered; never really letting go to the idea that out little prayers goes up to the heavens and will be answered among the other million prayers of others as well. Have a lil faith; sooner or later it will materialize. However it's quite hard to actually wait for that later part that people sometime gives in halfway through... But yeah, let's have faith peeps!

For what it's worth, I dedicate this song to all you readers out there with my little prayer that you'd be happy with life amongst those you love. Hehe, not much rambling today I guess since I've slipped in two youtube videos here.

Sometimes the difficulties we face are blessings in disguise. We may not pray for them exactly, but we still get them. I'd like to end the post with a lil poem I've been familiar with since... I guess it was high school... It goes a little something like this...

I asked for strength,
and God gave me difficulties to make me strong,
I asked for wisdom,
and God gave me problems to solve,
I asked for prosperity,
and God gave me brains and brawns to work with,
I asked for courage,
and God gave me dangers to overcome,
I asked for love,
and God gave me troubled people to help,
I asked for favours,
and God gave me opportunities.

I received nothing i wanted,
I received everything i needed,
My prayers are answered.
Thank You God.

Ok folks, that's all for this lil post.
It got long in the end... haih... hehehe...
Later days dudes and dudettes.
cyid out.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

.:: oF BeiNG BaCKSTaGe ::.

Hey Peeps

Yet again, another post... and twice in a day! OMG, what 's happening to the world?!?!?! Yeah, it may be a lil hard to engrave into the back of your mind but somehow, I've actually started to post more random rambles of nonsense! keke~

And truth be told... I fell like typing up more and more posts! You might ask, what's coming?!?!?! The writing bug's coming! hehe... yeah, and I hope it's here to stay for a while cos I think I have a lot on my mind that I would like to dish out into open space so that any unlucky travelers to this blog would have a chance to read it (not saying that you will, I'm only being hypothetical).

At some point throughout thinking of making a comeback to frequent updates, I was thinking of coming up with a new blog where I would actually post up stuff that I would probably not post with my name hanging on the line like that, but frankly, I don't think it's necessary~ hehehe... I should be responsible to what I say so I won't be the man behind the writing, I'd be the man writing!

What nonsense am I blabbering away with here? Heck I don't know... I just feel like sometimes, there are things that are worth blogging about but I don't want it to be linked to me... And if I had another blog where the owner was anonymous, then it's be fine to post it up... But heck, let's just leave that to staying as an idea. I'll try to rephrase the stuff to suit all walks of life~ hehe... Like it's been emphasized on TV, 1malaysia people! hehe... well, I'd rather go for 1wholeworld or something like that but yeah, whatever...

So hey, do expect more from time to time as the writing bug's come and bit me already! hehehe... [and just in the nick of tyme... just when I'm about to face a resit exam... sigh... it's a bad habit I guess]. Again, I emphasize that this blog is purely made of random, i mean VERY RANDOM ramblings that don't usually link to one another, but comes from a guy that likes to rambles on and on when he is faced in front of the good old lappy~ hehehe

In conclusion, the writing bug's back folks... and yeah, I write what I feel like writing and I should probably take responsibility of what I write~ wee~ hehehe... 'oF BeiNG BaCKSTaGe'? well, that's just techinically like saying I won't hide behind my words. Got me? hehe :P And hey, one more thing why the writing bug's back; it's because I wanna beat the amount of posts I posted last year... and yeah, I'm doing terrible at the moment, but hey, a guy's gotta have a goal right?

So till next time dudes and dudettes,
later days,
cyid out

.:: oF CoMiNG aND GoiNG ::.

Hey Peeps...

I'm surprised myself that I actually thought of blogging even after I already blogged yesterday. Hehe... Well, that must be what happens when you put aside social networking sites~ hehe. Or maybe it's because I feel like blogging. 'oF CoMiNG aND GoiNG' is the title for today! and well, if we wanna be objective about it, I'm probably gonna blabber about more than one thing today. =)

People say some things come and go in our lives. But friends stay true till the end. However... Don't friends also come and go at times? Not your close friends, or your BFFs or whatever labels you wanna tag them with, but the friends that you're not so particularly close with; the ones you've only have brief encounters with, the ones you can only master a 'hi' or 'how are you' everytime you meet them. But some don't dubbed these people with the term 'friends' instead they rather like to call them acquaintance.

Meh, either way, people come and go in your lives. Some come for a while, makes you happy with lies and fool you with very promising words, and then, they just go... leaving you hanging by a thread; wishing for that 'what ifs' and ponder on the 'could haves'. Sounds negative here? hehehe... Am I talking about my own experiences? Urm... well, it doesn't really matter. Even though I put it in a really negative way, some people just have to 'go' from your life. It's just a matter of time before they continue to fool you.

Ok, so the last paragraph or so was too negative; let us try o look at things in a more positive manner. Referring to the law of magnetology, opposite attracts. But it seems that when it comes to emotions, that law doesn't work. If we perceive things positively, we'll feel much better than when we take it in a negative manner. So looking back on the last paragraph, savour that happiness that they bring and well, just let them go if they wanna go. It's their loss that they're leaving you! hehehe, am i ryte? Focus on your happiness because if you're not happy, you can't make other peopl happy! =)

Another part of coming and going is... well... Maybe we can say this about life itself. One time you hear about a birth of a new being while the next you'll hear about death. Life come and goes pretty much all the time, that's why we shouldn't really dwell on how bad, how sad, how unsatisfying our life is and start savouring every waking moment of it.

Well, I was only intentionally typing this post to focus on the points before, about people coming and going in life but life and death seems relevant too. Recently (a few days back) an aunt-in-law of mine passed away... It started with a fever, than she went into cardiac arrest for 10 minutes before getting resuscitated. But yeah, after a 10 minutes cardiac arrest, chances are slim... She had cerebral oedema as well (from FB statuses or close relatives).

Well, the point is, death comes unexpectedly. And in truth, I don't think I got to know her quite well yet. And hey, I thought of typing on how her 1 or 2 year old daughter reacted... But thinking it through, I only heard 3rd person account of it... I would probably weeped if I actually saw it myself. The lil kiddo aimlessly looking for her mum after her funeral. Crying at night and stuff... Sigh... Life's too short to take for granted.... Life comes and goes... So people, be happy with what you have! Cherish your family.

Time in general goes by ever so quickly. That's why we see people/things/situations come and go in our lives. We sometime forget that every waking second we've been through, that's a second gone, either been put to good use or wasted. So let's stay positive about life, be happy, enjoy what you have so that every second of our life would be put to good use, and serves as a good memory. =)

Till next tyme dudes and dudettes,
cyid out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

.:: oF aN eXiLaTioN ::.

Hey Peeps...

Well anywayz, it surprises me that someone may even stumble upon this page after it's owner abandons it for quite some time... Looking back on it, there's practically only a few post since the start of the year, few as in an amount that could be counted on one hand! But hey, since this humble abode is still alive, and I fell like typing up stuff, I'll just continue doing what I love... Rambling nonsense! hehe...

So anywayz, what's with the solemn title? Well, for one, a title can usually mislead people into thinking that's what the content is about, or it can actually be the essence of the content. And unfortunately in this very context, it's the essence of the post~ hehe... So I bid farewell to the readers who doesn't like serious ramblings. Cos that's what this post is about. =)

People say, when life throw lemons at you, make a lemonade. When life gives you problem, go forth and solve it rather than running away from it. But in truth, when dealing with people, sometimes don't you think it's better to run away and take your time out? Hehehe... (ok, well, it doesn't really matter if you agree or not really) I actually wiki-ed exile and it says that one of the meanings is that 'isolating oneself to be able to devote time to a particular thing'.

So I'm actually taking a leave of absence... (like I haven't done that before from the blogsphere :P) Exiling myself to devote time for what? For myself. Hehehe... Yeah, sounds pretty selfish if you ask me, but hey, people need sometime to themselves at times, don't they? But in this era of mass communication, it's pretty hard to do so without one knowing a safe rural haven to run to, right? Preferably a cave of some sort!

So in my point of view, to exile oneself to devote time to oneself nowadays would only mean a few things...

One; taking a break from all your social networking pages (i.e Facebook in particular!) so that you won't really be bothered by some pretty picture you've been tagged in or notifications of some distant friend saying a simple hi!. Yeah, I do sound cold but in truth, that's what I had to do myself since I'm practically addicted to that site... sigh... It's probably for the better as well, to train myself to lessen that unnecessary dependency on that site.

Two; some people are persistent and thereby you have to either switch off your phones (which maybe would be dangerous if you had urgent stuff to use it) or just change number for a while! hehehe... Only a few people should know your new number, the important ones only. [maybe a member of the family so they could update you if anything happened].

Three; just leave the internet completely. Unless you expect important e-mails and such. hehehe...

Sounds like drastic measures to be taken to exile one's self isn't it? But a person's got to do what they've got to do to gain what they want to gain. Ok, that last sentence sounds like it doesn't make sense for some reason. Some people might even ask, why the heck do you wanna do something to that extent?

Well... there's actually many reason to exile one's self from the community at times... Well, I'm probably going to list down a few that's probably led me to such drastic measures~ hehehe... Yeah, as people may know I'm actually an internet addict, in particular, Facebook.

One; you have something important to do, one that would need you to lessen distractions and you're real bad at prioritizing. LoL, ok, i'm just describing myself there...

Two; you just need some time to yourself, to get back to yourself, to reconnect with your innerself if people believe that~ You know, sometimes when we forget to focus our life around ourselves, we tend to shed away our 'self' - believes, what we hold on to, hope, dreams, wishes etc. You get the point. These stuff defines who we are...

Three; you just need some 'me' time. Yeah, that sounds so immature at first glance but you do! At times, the world just seems very unbearable (beats me, I dunno why it happens) and you just need to run away and come back anew! LoL. Or you just need time to pamper yourself! hahaha... The point is, you need time for yourself, leaving behind (only for a while) that self usually follows what others around you dictates! wee...

I'll just leave it up to three... But most reasons would probably focus on one thing. You just need time to yourself since it's self-exile rather than being exiled by others~ And hey, I've do it again... Silent for ages and come back with a huge post. Well, I just can't stop typing when I start~ hehehe... But yeah, since it is my lil domain in the www i guess i can use it however i like! :P

That's probably all for this post. A lil impromptu like any of my other posts i guess... Well, yeah, let's just say this blog is for my many impromptu posts! who cares~

Later dude and dudettes~
cyid out, for how long? even i don't know...