Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another tag...

100 truths, tag 10 people to do the same. Don't forget to tag!

Last beverage → plain water.
Last phone call → Danial; housemate. Asked him what soysauce I was supposed to buy
(which shows i do not shop for our house's groceries much... hahahaha)
Last text message → E’e. ‘hormon disorder ko ni. Ok2, xnk kacau usaha ko tutup mata. Sila baca sms ni ngn mata tertutup’
(medic students are not always like this ok... it's just him :P or maybe an unexpected coincedence)
Last song you listened to → Liquid Dream by O-Town.
(random oldies... hahaha)
Last time you cried → Don't remember...

Dated someone twice → Nope
Been cheated → Nope.
Kissed someone & regretted it → No.
Lost someone special→ Not too sure…

Fallen out of love → Yes? but somehow back in it! hahahaha
(but maybe not so much on love... maybe infatuation... sigh...)
Laughed until you cried → Nah… haven’t done that in ages…
(please make me!)
Met someone who changed your life → Hurm… nope…
Found out someone was talking about you → Constantly but nothing to worry about.

How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? → ?!?!?!
How many kids do you want to have → around 4
(2 boys and 2 gurls!)
Do you have any pets → My dad keeps fishes
Do you want to change your name → Maybe… but mine’s pretty great already! :P
What time did you wake up today → Did not sleep… insomnia
What were you doing at midnight last night → Facebooking! hahaha
Name something you cannot wait for → My life to get better… haih… (sad… I know)
Last time you saw your father→ skype! Not sure when… 2 weeks ago probably
What's one thing you wish you could change --> Myself… that’s a lot of change!
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom --> might have…

What's getting on your nerves right now --> not getting my sleep! hahaha
What's your real name → Abdul Rasyid
Elementary/Primary School → Sek Ren Islam Hidayah, Rendell Primary
SchoolMiddle/Secondary School --> Limehurst High School, Sek Men Islam Hidayah
Hair color → Black.
Long or short → Medium
Are you a health freak → On-Off thing…
Righty or lefty → Righty

First surgery → None
First piercing → Never
First best friend → Not too sure… :P
First sport you joined → Soccer (hahahahahahaha…)
First pet → Turtle, 2 of them! I think they were call MiMi n CiKu (named by my cousin ok!)
First vacation → How should I remember that?!?!?!

Eating → I’m typing up…
Drinking → This tag thing…
Waiting → ……… owh, waiting for this week’s naruto manga….

Want kids? → Absolutely
Want to get married?→ Still thinking… :P
(people don't seem to be happy that i say i don't want to but i actually can't see myself as a hubby rite now!)
Careers in mind? → I do not have much choice at the moment do i? (doctor!)
(well... i wanted to be a teacher... hahahaha)

Kissed a stranger → Not yet… :D
(not yet... not yet... not yet... hahahaha)
Lost glasses/contacts → contacts in da toilet’s sink
Ran away from home → Never had the courage… hahahaha
Broken someone's heart → May have…
Been arrested → Nope.
Cried when someone died → Yes, but it’s a very slow reaction… hard to sink in…

Yourself → pathetically no…
Miracles → Yes.
Love at first sight → I think so…
Heaven → Yes.
Santa Claus → I have never gotten anything from him!
Kiss on the first date→ Depends on who’s the date…
Angels → Yes I do.

Is there one person you want to be with right now? → YES! hahahaha... (siapakah?!?!?!)
(this is answered excluding my family ok? lol... something to ponder...)
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → nope
(i am pathetic and have never had any romatic relationship... there! hahahahaha)
Do you believe in God? → absolutely :D

.:: Tagged ::.

1. Write down 3 things that you like about the one tagging you this:
a.) he’s sits in front of me during classes in form 5
b.) he’s in da middle east somewhere studying... (hahaha... sorry, forgot if it was cairo or not)
c.) he’s a great guy, really... :D

2. Is he/she important to you? Why?
Importante?!?!?! Hahahaha, munawwar, are you important to me?yes la... why? Not to sure... He’s one of my sevenians! Which i consider close bros!

3. Are you comfortable sharing things with him or her?
Kindda... it depends on what matter it is :P

4. Who is in the family that you close to? Name one.
My mama! Hahahaha... my siblings are 6 n 8 y/o so i don’t think i’d say them...

5. What song brings you the most meaningful meaning? Why?
You Raise Me Up; I dunno why but I feel touched listening to this song...Maybe because i wanted to be a teacher once... hahahaha...

6. Are you falling in love?
Maybe... or it may be infatuation/crush/etc...

7. What type of boy/girl are you running for?
I don’t have a clue at all...

8. Do you have any songs you wish someone would sing it for you?
I’d prefer duets, but i don’t know how to sing! :P
(for the duets, saiful n misha omar; tak ku duga... enrique n cris; nobody wants to be lonely)

9. What song are you currently listening?
If You Seek Amy – Britney
Jai Ho – PCD
New Classic – Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez
He said, She said – Ashley Tisdale
Libertango – Bond

10. What have been disturbing you these days?
My absolute laziness to at the very least read my notes... let alone study them... haih...And my sleep! It’s very disorientated! It’s wacky... Hating it... sigh...

11. What makes you wanna cry?
Chopping onions... hahaha... after so long avoiding them, when you chop it again, it really hurts! Lol...

12. What makes you angry?
Not having enough control over some things... insomnia... the list goes on...

13. How do you define ‘best friend’?
I see a lot of my friends as best friends...
To really define it is quite hard... hurm... I’m skipping this question! :D

14. Are you doing anything now?
Nope... it’s nearly 5am, what would i be doing?!?!?! (insomnia... sigh)

15. What do you need right now?
Sleep... and lots and lots of MONEY! hahahahaha

16. Who did you tell your deepest secret to?
A secret stays a secret when you don’t tell people!
Hahahaha...Urm... I dunno... I don’t keep secrets much nowadays...

17. What makes you trust him or her?
Trust no one! Hahahahahaha... (damn, i laugh alot...)
I think trust is very subjective... cos it differs a lot between every single person i trust...

18. How do you want person to see you?
I do not know how to interprate this question, so skip!
(or maybe i do; i want people to see me as someone happy-go-lucky :D)

19. Do you have or used to have any close friend(s) against your gender?
Close? Many i supposed... :P

20. What do you have in your mind right now?
‘...Why am I actually doing this tag thing...’ then the answer came
‘...cos it’s 5am and you can’t sleep...’ and
‘...I am definately going shopping in my 3 hours break between lectures today!

Anyone that feels that they are tagged... go on! Hahaha, have fun (ok, it’s not that fun but it beats not doing anything...)

Friday, March 13, 2009

.:: BaCK To BLoGGiNG? ::.

'It saddens me to say this but i dun think i can keep up with keeping this blog up anymore...' was what i was thinking of posting one of these fine days... but thinking two three times about blogging, about how much it space it gives me to express whatever la... and to use my english! And how this blog provides me with a space to rant nearly random stuff most of the time...

So here i am... not sleeping again and had that feeling to blog! lol... so what has been going on since the last post? (which is in flipping january for pete's sake! damn... that's nearly 2 months already...). Well dear readers... a lot has been going on, off, over, under etc. Since I have been a lazy bum all these time, i would not like to punish myself and promise you that i'd post things up later (which might never happen) but i'll just take the easy way out and summarize... hahahaha...

Okie dokie... First up, there was that trip i took to Venise! That romantic city with flowing canals everywhere... What's the scoop with that trip? Well... I went with my coursemate, Jeck and Azmi and a housemate of mine, Ammar. The weather kindda sucked though. We got snow the 1st day we arrived. The it rained the 2nd day. But thankfully it was sunny n bright on the 3rd day. And how many days did we stay there? Technically, i would say 3 since our 4th day was mostly filler with our journey back to Dublin.

Summarizing Venise... It's a lovely lil city... Romantic, ideal for lovie dovies, camera obsessed photographers and well, i would actually reccommend it to anyone but please please please go in the summer! It'll be much nicer. A damp Venise was ok but when I imagined myself going there, i imagined small winding yellow lanes with a touch of sunlight. It'd be goldenny coloured and so on but the weather took that all away... So please do visit Venise anytime in the hot seasons! :D

Oh and the Gondola is worth the money i guess... To me, not riding the Gondola is kindda a wasted trip to Venise cos it does show you another kindda atmosphere of the lil floating city. Azmi, Jeck and I took a Gondola ride at dust... I would advise to take it during the day... Better pics for you cam whores! lol... But seriously, you'd get a better view and better pics when the sun's out!

So seeing as how things are going i don't think this is actually what you can call summarizing... heck let's just get on with it... Well, my 1st sem exam wasn't something to be proud of but i thankfully passed all the requirements and do not need to resit the papers sometime in aug/sept. Which means that I can go back home! yay! (and may HE let me do my very best in sem 2 as well...).

Moving on...
What happened in February? I truthfully do not really remember anything that significant that left much of a special memory... Thing happened i guess... hurm... lemme see... Owh yeah... It actually snowed quite well in Dublin... Well, for those who did not watch the news (i don't blame you, the very action of pressing the remote to the channel with news does slip my mind MOST of the time) there was this time when snow was hitting UK quit hard, London suffering (why do i call it suffering? it's fluffy white snow....) the worst hit ever but i think people liked it! It doesn't usually snow that hard in these parts of Europe (and i say that from experience of being born and raised here... yeah right! hahaha!).

Who doesn't like snow?

Owh well... I guess I'll stop here for now... I'm sorry but i don't really like posting pics up... it messes the text and stuff... but i'll try to bare with the pain-staking task... hahahaha... just for you dear readers... lol...

Ciao for now folks... later dudes and duddettes