Wednesday, November 18, 2009

.:: MaTuRiTY ::.

Hey Peeps...

So the last two post was so boring and sad [and mellow in the words of Will], I need to brighten things up a lil' around here... Today, well... After being said that i was getting cold, I actually sprung back to the happy ol me again; i think. Hehehe... I don't really see any reason behind it but I was really happy today. Proves that you just have to think positively towards life to actually stop worrying and enjoy all its pleasures and moment~ ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ (and I also don't like the cold boring me either... :P)

So anywayz, what's with the title of the post?!?!?! Maturity? Again, I pose the question to myself; Am I becoming more mature? Heck I hope not! hahahahaha... With that said, lemme quote from a friend who typed this up on his status a while ago on Facebook.

'...Ageing is inevitable, but maturity is optional!...'

Why am I relating immaturity with a Pichu? No association what-so-ever. Just thought that the cute lil thing could brighten up the post a lil. :D So if we do take '...maturity is optional...' a lil seriously, then how can we be immature? [Ponders] Ah well, I guess I'm immature in some ways or another. I don't take things seriously at times. Probably just immature for my age, not immature in general... How do you think I've survived Medical school for more than a year now with being solely immature? Then again, how would I have survived the whole year without my intermitent immaturity? Meh... I'm spouting random nonesense yet again... moving on...

Who's the lil' guy in the pic? My lil brother? Nah... Guess again? My nephew? Nah... I'm the eldest child, and only one of my cousins has tied the knot very recently... My cousin? Nah... My siblings are the youngest on our dad's side... But a cousin is coming soon... dued to be born sometime in February... So that leaves us with only one other answer (well, technically, there's about a lot of other possibilities still but hey, let's cut it short...). It's me! hehehe =D Not too sure if it was 17-18 years ago... sigh... I thought of posting this pic of me after reading a friend's blog about growing up (and he actually stated he was somewhat more mature; yeah rite~).

LoLz, I've been rambling lots of nonsense these past few days haven't I? Sure makes this a place for pouting out nonsense... But YOU are still reading it! hehehe So these nonsense does make sense... hahaha... Anywayz...

Later dudes and dudettes...
Cyid Out.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

.:: GeTTiNG CoLDeR ::.

Hey Peeps...

Yup... It is getting colder and colder by the day. The weather. To add to that the autumn wind is still sticking around. Wind + Lack of Heat = FREEZING TEMPERATURE. Thankfully Mr Sun is still shining radiantly through some parts of the day. You can still feel the warmth of the rays... If you've been to Ireland you'd probably be familiar with the Irish weather. It rains, it pours, it showers quite a lot. I wouldn't say most times but apparently people says it does... Maybe I'm just lucky that I don't get soaked the times I go out. So now let's add more stuff to the equation above. Wind + Lack of Heat + Rain = SUBZERO. :P Sometimes you can barely feel your hands (if you're not wearing gloves which I intend to buy sometime soon~)

That should be sufficient for the local weather report. Back to the studio~ [weatherman mode]. Anywayz, not only the weather's getting colder. Today I've also been told that I'm getting colder... =( Well, that was only an honest comment from a friend, which i do treasure a lot. Sometimes, we tend to not notice these little changes in us because we like to observe others. We see things about others better than we do see stuff about our own self. More reflection? Hahaha... Unintentionally I am forced to do more and more reflection each and every day... Am I getting colder? I hope I'm not turning cold... I really do hope not. If I am, I seriously can't seem to pinpoint why I am going down this path... Well, anyhow... I'll just have to melt the cold away and shine happily! hehehe :D Either I'm turing cold or I'm just turning less childish~ am I becoming more mature?!?!?! YIKES! No, no! Hit the stop button! :P

Alright, enough with all the cold... Let's heat things up! hehehe! Life's been getting busier by the day (hence you get to read all these new posts! ahakz! :P) There's a few more weeks till the winter break and there's tons of work to get done, and I haven't even started to talk about the load of revision that needs to be done! Sometimes you just have to wake up and chant '...i love medical school... i love medical school... i love medical school...' to just get you through the day.

I miss chatting with my mum for up to hours~ LoLz... My parents are in Saudi Arabia right now preparing for the Hajj. (and the cost to call there is quite expensive~ wah, what a cheapskate). Random random thoughts there peeps... Yesterdays, yesterweeks, yestermonths, yesteryears... How they flew by so very quickly... All those fond memories... sigh... Nostalgic... But we have to live for the present... Let's move on!

I have no clue why this Ice Kirby is here... LoL... Maybe because we were talking about cold n lack of heat from before... Anybody seen Kirby before? I haven't seen much but just know the character a lil... I can only recall the pink bundle of joy actually, didn't know there were more than just one... Anywayz, I don't think I should be spouting more nonesense about something I have no idea about.

I better be off now peeps... Like I did mention earlier, there's actually tons to be done in so little time... And yet at these critical times I actually feel like blogging! :P

Later dudes and dudettes~
Cyid Out.

Monday, November 16, 2009

.:: RaNDoM RaMBLiNGS ::.

Hiya Peeps...

I don't usually make the title as obvious as the one above... But this time, this post it actually based on one of those random ramblings... It's quite an achievement for me to say that I actually did some 'reflection' on my behaviours... This actually happened when i was having random chit-chats with a housemate while we were walking back from a friend's house...

I am selfish... at times anywayz (that's what I like to think). I like to think of myself more than I think of others... I sometimes PUSH people away from me... Why? I have no idea... Maybe I just don't like them... Or maybe they don't like me... Either way I guess it'll feel better for myself if I push them away... That's why I am selfish... Why EMO all of a sudden? What's so emo about this? :P Peeps are filled with emotions... Sometimes you just have to let it out... Although they may bring about certain unwanted circumstances...

See where I'm going with this post? No? That's why it's called 'Random Ramblings' cos I too don't have it all planned out... Just rambling random things that pops up in my head...

Ok, back to the selfish pushing-away guy that I was then... Peeps, I do push people away if I feel I am not treated right... [remember that I am selfish]. It's a way I lessen that unwanted hatred in the heart, it's my way of lessening the void that may grow in a friendship, it's a way I feel will make me not feel 'unwanted'. Hahaha... Gosh, this post is going down into the emo section... Damn, you'd probably think I was faced with some rejection or something... No peeps, dun worry, I'm fine, like I said, it's random ramblings... That's what happens when you reflect on certains things... How random a conversation can be sometimes~

So I actually would like to stop here for now... As for the people I have ever pushed away in my life... I am sorry... But I'm selfish... at times. So if you think you've been pushed away, you have my written/typed-up apology in this very paragraph. Sorry.

Haih... ( _ _" )
Not the usual post I would type up but hey, this is what da blog's for...
My random ramblings~ sigh.

Nyte dudes and dudettes~
cyid out.