Thursday, May 27, 2010

.: No TiTLe :.

Hi peeps! LoL...

For those that came, and sighed at how long the post is... skip down to the last part and just read the questions~ kekeke, or if you have more time, scroll through and just read the bold sentences i guess... and if you have ample time to waste, go ahead and start reading folks! kekeke

Well, anywayz... after the long absence I'd be grateful to even have at least a visitor to the blog, kekeke... but anywayz, that's not that important as I kindda made this blog to just get me typing on and on in English as I pretty much don't get the chance to do so with the current degree I'm pursuing.

Any how... I started this post not really knowing what to type up but hopefully by the end of the post there's something to share with everyone. kekeke... So it's now... 27th May 2010... Guess when I'm leaving for Malaysia? in 2 days time! yippee for that although I haven't started packing yet which probably explains why I'm blogging at this exact moment! [If you've been reading from before, you would probably have noticed I have the tendency of coming up with new posts at very inappropriate time such as exams! kekeke]

Wokeyh, so in my absence, yes, I have not just went into a coma... I've been well... I wouldn't say too busy to actually make me not have time to blog, but busy enough apparently to not dust all these cobwebs from this lil site of mine... haih... Well anywayz, I would like to blog about a few new experiences I went through this semester... No, I'm not gonna go bing-bong haywire about how the new semester's workload has pummeled me to rock bottom but other, more... fun experiences!

So I joined the archery sports club. kekeke, thumbs up to Putri for actually convincing me to 'return' and become a more actively participating member! Archery's very tough actually cos the strain it causes can be seen after a few rounds of shooting. And hell yeah, there weren't any teachers around so we just got by on our own, which to me wasn't an advantage cos I'm VERY VERY bad at sports... Anyone seen me play tennis? yeah, it's THAT bad even after 2 years of training... kekeke... Anywayz... archery... there weren't much members so I even got a part to go to Intervarsities [to fill the maximum quota! lol] and yeah, it was quite an experience feeling SO inferior to those that can actually shoot! But I loved going anyway! went twice and both times I just got very very bad scores that are too embarrassing to even be mentioned! but the point of this whole paragraph is probably that I actually had fun with this sport, seeing that i dun have to move around much! lol...

Inter varsities took place in various places, one being in a place called Limerick where we actually skipped a day of class [yes kids, do not do this, very-very bad] well, technically we weren't skipping anything much cos there weren't classes for the whole batch on the said day. Anywayz... You know how sometimes, you don't really talk much to people and just the random 'hey' and 'how are you' and stuff... Well, after spending a weekend away with these guys, it felt uber-great! Ok, lol... I dun really know what to continue with here so I'll just leave you with a picture of me in a dungeon! kekekeke...

Moving on, I would like to mention that I have so many great friends here in Dublin... that caters to my madness! kekekeke... well, the former was true; I do have many friends... But I'd say I love to emphasize on the latter part; they've accepted the wacky side of moi. Family means the world and friends, they're like the... stars? Yeah, let's use that metaphor. They decorate your life and sparkle! They shine, they lead the way, they complete you I guess... Yeah, I'm loosing focus here, I know... But the hands just wants to keep typing since the body does not want to go packing yet. sigh... Anywayz... the picture below is a picture of a few of my friends and I having a picnic at a park just outside our (very little) campus. I think it was on a weekend! Or maybe not... But yeah, this time, no skipping2 class~ kekeke... Apparently this year, the temperature's not too cold so spring was quite warm hence the picnic! :D Yeah people, if you've never actually had picnics, I advise you to do so cause it's relaxing and fun! [and for people like me who has friends that loves taking pictures, you can pose and pout and yeah, do whatever la~ hehehe] All in all, friends are very important in life; if you don't have any, get some right away! lol... But i don't think anyone would actually not have any friends. But yeah, since I'm spouting endless nonsense already... might as well mention that!

Well, well... like every other year... Mother's day came and went this year... Although I think I can't really outshine last year's effort, I'm quite satisfied with the flowers I sent this year cos it looked and resembles the picture they advertised on the net. No, no... This paragraph isn't gonna focus of the flower, it's gonna be about my lovely Mama... Hehehe... I'm a mama's boy, and abah's boy too I guess! I'm spoilt to a certain extent I guess having been an only child for more than a decade before my lil sis and bro came along. Throughout this medical degree, I would say I have to thank my parents so much. They've been keeping me anchored to the ground, they've been the shoulders to cry on, they've been my motivation... They've been them and I could not ask for anything better cos they're just the best they can be. I know, everyone would say that about their own parents... It's called biasness and apparently, I don't think it's bad! kekeke, being bias this time is actually good! I don't know how to even express how much I love them~ It's cliche but well, I'll use 'em anyway... 'There's no words that can express how much i love you guys and how much you mean to me'. Abah, Mama; love you! sa rang hae! [korean-mad at the moment]

I think I'm reaching my typing limits now, so I'll probably end it with how we kindda had a mini-celebration post-exams! Kekeke... While we were in the midst of exams, I YMed a friend suggesting that we'd go for an impromptu picnic right after our last paper. And we did... LoL. The gurls bought burgers while the guy, yeah, he didn't eat! kekeke, way to turn the tides around... Anywayz, we also tried out this new place that just opened up, Milkshake Bar. I would just like to go OMG to their milkshake cos it was... well, it was delicious. kekeke... And very fulfilling. I was kindda stuffed throughout the day with only that one glass. Could it be called a glass? Well, you know what I mean la... I finished mine in about, 5 to 6 sips I think... kekeke... Well anywayz, summer's been great! It's hot an sunny on most days and very2 suitable for picnic. But since I'm going back so soon, there not much chance to go have picnics!

So I guess that was a very random and unstructured post... Very the impromptu as well... So that was a lil snippet of how life's been here in the emerald isle. More pics on FB if you guys are interested to go see... kakaka... [self-promotion? how cheap! kekeke].

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