Sunday, June 14, 2009

.:: DoMiNaTioN ::.

Hi guys!

Hope everyone's doing great during this holiday season! (well, it's holiday season for me anyway! :P too bad if it isn't for you :P) Anywayz... I'm sorry, well, for more than just not updating for more than a month but also for not going to blog for another month or two... Hahaha... Lazy much? hehehe... So I don't think you can expect any new posts till... early august the earliest... But if you're feeling lucky, i might post something up before then; like end of july which is just a week difference, but it is a difference... hahahaha...

Anywayz, why the leave of absence you may ask? Well... starting this tuesday (16th june) I'll be on a globe-trotting trip across a few european countries... 9 in total i must say... muahahaha... crazy much? maybe... lol. Anywayz, wish me luck in accomplishing this very tiring but (hopefully) fun task! And yeah... need all the prayers for exams... hoping everything goes well so that this trip can run smoothly on! :D ngeeeeeeeee~

So a lil summary of the planned trip... shall we continue? We'll be going to ESPANA! urm... i think that's how you spell it in spanish... Anywayz, Spain; the places i remember that we're going amongst them are Madrid, Barcelona, Granada... Urm... and the others I have no idea... lol... Da pic below is da famous sagrada familia. (any fans of pokemon may know that this is a featured architecture in the... urm, 10th movie; the rise of darkrai - spoken like a true pokenerd there!)

Next up is FRANCE! Since I'm planning the trip for france I can give more details, but since i'm a lazy bum anywayz, i'll just keep it short... We'll be going to Paris; da city of light? city of love? city of money sucking people since it's pretty much the most expensive place i have to plan to... Anywayz... Paris aside, we're also going to Disneyland! :D (2nd tyme but after a decade, there're tons of addition! can't wait!). After those two... We'll be going to Marseille and Nice and most probably drop by Monaco since it's near enough with Nice already. France done... next!

Next comes ITALIA! Italy for us non-italians! hehehe... We'll be staying in Milan (still thinking of what to do there...). Then heading off to Rome! Enough said... hahahaha... Urm, but since i just watched Angels and Demons (yeah2, it's been out for a while but hey, we've been driven to the grounds by exams remember?) so we're also visiting Vatican City. From the movie, it looks cool. Hopefully the real deal will be as grand as my expectations or more... Venice is a no-go since we've already been...

Next all i know is that we're going to Vienna, Austria... Not much is known about the plan... hahahaha... Maybe cruising around da country (since it's not that big...)

Next up is CZECH REPUBLIC! Going to prague and all da other cities. Hopefully we can meet up with da guys that are staying there who are still in the midst of exams I think.

After czech, POLAND will be our next stop. Warsaw and Krakow was the two cities mentioned. Don't know much more than that.

Then GERMANY will be visited. Berlin? Berlin Wall? (Not much is known about the plans for Germany since I didn't pay much attention then... hahahahaha...)

Next will be the NETHERLANDS. Amsterdam and Rotterdam. That's all, i think.

And lastly... BELGIUM. Brussels and all da chocolate! hahahahaha

Anywayz... that's a summary of most of my european trip. Our planned trip back to dublin is on da 20th July... And my planned flight back to MALAYSIA (mish home so much! hahahahaha mish chubby lil' adik so much...) is on da 29th of July but I may make it earlier... MAY being the active word to emphasize... Since extending my stay in dublin from 20th to 29th seems... urm... i dunno... I don't feel that I need to spend that much time. May as well go home early and sleep for a whole week through.... hahahahaha; exhausted + jet lag + i sleep a lot anyway.

Almost forgot... another blog award from
RdhanZ. Thanx!

Anywayz guys, have fun with whatever you are doing. Pray for my safety, pray for my success in da exam results and pray, pray, pray! See ya guys whenever I see ya.

Quoting from Captain J.T.Kirk of U.S.S Enterprise. "...Kirk Out..."

Lol... so for me, it'll be "...Cyid Out..." rite? hahaha

Cyid Out!