Thursday, August 19, 2010

.:: oF PiTTeR PaTTeR ::.

Hey Peeps,

Yeah, quite a long absence then... Nearly 2 weeks~ hehehe... Well, you know, with exams coming up and all (like hell i was ONLY studying). But anywayz, this would probably be a short post. 'oF PiTTeR PaTTeR' is about rain. Yeah, the droplets of waters that falls from the skies and not the korean singer! LoL.

[grabbed from 2lovinuyasha]

Why talk about rain all of a sudden? Only because Dubdub (dublin) has been pouring these few days. I was walking outside with a few friends house hunting yesterday when it was sunny although a little breezy when suddenly, it poured!!! LoL. We were walking along the canal so there were trees to take cover under. It rained as it were in Malaysia~ hehehe...

[grabbed from k-lia]

Well... anywayz... Tomorrow there's TeamOSCE to worry about. Patient Actors, here comes play dr cyid! hehe... hope everything goes well...

later dudes and dudettes
cyid out


William said...

Yup, it's wet here in KL too!

Afham said...

aku dapat gall stone punya case.

heh, paling takleh blah, dia tanya nine regions abdomen, dan ..
punya gelabah aku lupa hypochondorium..

tawakkal yer kita ~

Afham said...
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