Friday, August 6, 2010

.:: oF DeTaCHMeNTS ::.

Hey Peeps.

Yeah, another update from da crazy dude. And this post is entitled 'oF DeTaCHMeNTS'; talking about pushing things away, trying to forget and basically, moving on. =) No, no. It doesn't really have to be happening to me! hehe... Look, see... am all cheerful and happy =)

Some people come into our lives bringing happiness. Some even come with promising words. Words that makes you hang to every last syllable, every last letter. Words that make you believe there's hope; there's a chance at something. How silly can people be when they just go head-on believing such words; putting their full trust and lastly those words ended up just being mere words, most probably forgotten with the ticking of time.

But why still keep hanging on to those words even though they prove to be meaningless in the end? There's this little thing called trust. And also the void of doubts. For most parts, trust is a good thing. I for one believe in trusting people. This may sound very immature but trusting is so much easier and less burdening compared to doubting. =)

But as Lady Gaga and Beyonce said in their single; 'Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack...' See... When someone starts to trust you, they've actually given themselves to you per se (have to be put into context la!). But when you break that trust, either one of two things could happen. They can just not trust you anymore, or they try to trust you again with the memory of you once breaking their trust.

So, if that trust is already broken, why not move on? That's caused by this little thing called separation anxiety. They don't feel brave enough to detach themselves and plunge into the unknown without the other. But once these anxiety has lessen, babysteps are made to detach from the trust breaker. hehe, OMG, I'm not making any sense here... sigh...

Owh well, breaking away isn't as easy as it may sound. But if the situation's bugging you and filling you with negative thoughts, vibes and feelings, it's the thing you must master.

So, all I'm saying is, I'm detaching myself slowly as you've broken my trust not once (which I overlooked since I made my own poor judgement) but twice. EH! Why did it all get personal all of a sudden? hehehe... I have no idea~ :P Out of sight, out of mind, out of reach, out; get the hell out! woot~ [emotional much?]

Well anywayz...
It's my last night at home before departing towards the emerald isle once again (this time for a reseat paper... sigh... wished i would have done better the first time round)
Till next time (which hopefully will be soon), later days dudes and dudettes.
cyid out.

[where has all those happy2 post gone?!?!?!]


fadzlina shukri said...

emo r cyid. =p imbalance hormone?

all the best for ur paper. gambatte! see u soon in kota dublin insyaAllah.

savante said...

Happy days will come again I'm sure!

William said...

Hope you nailed that paper this time.

aaronng88 said...

hehe, hopefuly after this, u'll have lotsa happy2 post coming up =)

tk cr cyid ^_^ n good luck~

Humayra' said...

sorta understood what you're talking bout. trust. really hard to try and trust those that already let you down. but then again, sometimes we do want to try.

btw.. sorta liked ur random posts. kindda a different genre all together then the usual stuff. keep 'em coming!

and yeah, all the best out there. take care. may Allah bless