Thursday, August 5, 2010

.:: oF BeiNG BaCKSTaGe ::.

Hey Peeps

Yet again, another post... and twice in a day! OMG, what 's happening to the world?!?!?! Yeah, it may be a lil hard to engrave into the back of your mind but somehow, I've actually started to post more random rambles of nonsense! keke~

And truth be told... I fell like typing up more and more posts! You might ask, what's coming?!?!?! The writing bug's coming! hehe... yeah, and I hope it's here to stay for a while cos I think I have a lot on my mind that I would like to dish out into open space so that any unlucky travelers to this blog would have a chance to read it (not saying that you will, I'm only being hypothetical).

At some point throughout thinking of making a comeback to frequent updates, I was thinking of coming up with a new blog where I would actually post up stuff that I would probably not post with my name hanging on the line like that, but frankly, I don't think it's necessary~ hehehe... I should be responsible to what I say so I won't be the man behind the writing, I'd be the man writing!

What nonsense am I blabbering away with here? Heck I don't know... I just feel like sometimes, there are things that are worth blogging about but I don't want it to be linked to me... And if I had another blog where the owner was anonymous, then it's be fine to post it up... But heck, let's just leave that to staying as an idea. I'll try to rephrase the stuff to suit all walks of life~ hehe... Like it's been emphasized on TV, 1malaysia people! hehe... well, I'd rather go for 1wholeworld or something like that but yeah, whatever...

So hey, do expect more from time to time as the writing bug's come and bit me already! hehehe... [and just in the nick of tyme... just when I'm about to face a resit exam... sigh... it's a bad habit I guess]. Again, I emphasize that this blog is purely made of random, i mean VERY RANDOM ramblings that don't usually link to one another, but comes from a guy that likes to rambles on and on when he is faced in front of the good old lappy~ hehehe

In conclusion, the writing bug's back folks... and yeah, I write what I feel like writing and I should probably take responsibility of what I write~ wee~ hehehe... 'oF BeiNG BaCKSTaGe'? well, that's just techinically like saying I won't hide behind my words. Got me? hehe :P And hey, one more thing why the writing bug's back; it's because I wanna beat the amount of posts I posted last year... and yeah, I'm doing terrible at the moment, but hey, a guy's gotta have a goal right?

So till next time dudes and dudettes,
later days,
cyid out