Friday, August 6, 2010

.:: oF LiTTLe PRaYeRS ::.

Hey Peeps.

Yup, I guess it's time for another one of those whirlwind updates... short but, well... I wouldn't go as far as to call them meaningful! 'oF LiTTLe PRaYeRS' is dedicated to the song 'Say a Little Prayer for You'. I've always loved the Glee cover version of it cos the gurls had such melody blending together! hehehe... And yeah, there was this one time I watched 'My Best Friend's Wedding', the song came up too! I know, it's an old film but it's real sweet and cool! Loved the storyline!

About prayers... we never really know when they will be answered; that's probably where the magic lies... In the trust and hope of it being answered; never really letting go to the idea that out little prayers goes up to the heavens and will be answered among the other million prayers of others as well. Have a lil faith; sooner or later it will materialize. However it's quite hard to actually wait for that later part that people sometime gives in halfway through... But yeah, let's have faith peeps!

For what it's worth, I dedicate this song to all you readers out there with my little prayer that you'd be happy with life amongst those you love. Hehe, not much rambling today I guess since I've slipped in two youtube videos here.

Sometimes the difficulties we face are blessings in disguise. We may not pray for them exactly, but we still get them. I'd like to end the post with a lil poem I've been familiar with since... I guess it was high school... It goes a little something like this...

I asked for strength,
and God gave me difficulties to make me strong,
I asked for wisdom,
and God gave me problems to solve,
I asked for prosperity,
and God gave me brains and brawns to work with,
I asked for courage,
and God gave me dangers to overcome,
I asked for love,
and God gave me troubled people to help,
I asked for favours,
and God gave me opportunities.

I received nothing i wanted,
I received everything i needed,
My prayers are answered.
Thank You God.

Ok folks, that's all for this lil post.
It got long in the end... haih... hehehe...
Later days dudes and dudettes.
cyid out.