Thursday, August 5, 2010

.:: oF CoMiNG aND GoiNG ::.

Hey Peeps...

I'm surprised myself that I actually thought of blogging even after I already blogged yesterday. Hehe... Well, that must be what happens when you put aside social networking sites~ hehe. Or maybe it's because I feel like blogging. 'oF CoMiNG aND GoiNG' is the title for today! and well, if we wanna be objective about it, I'm probably gonna blabber about more than one thing today. =)

People say some things come and go in our lives. But friends stay true till the end. However... Don't friends also come and go at times? Not your close friends, or your BFFs or whatever labels you wanna tag them with, but the friends that you're not so particularly close with; the ones you've only have brief encounters with, the ones you can only master a 'hi' or 'how are you' everytime you meet them. But some don't dubbed these people with the term 'friends' instead they rather like to call them acquaintance.

Meh, either way, people come and go in your lives. Some come for a while, makes you happy with lies and fool you with very promising words, and then, they just go... leaving you hanging by a thread; wishing for that 'what ifs' and ponder on the 'could haves'. Sounds negative here? hehehe... Am I talking about my own experiences? Urm... well, it doesn't really matter. Even though I put it in a really negative way, some people just have to 'go' from your life. It's just a matter of time before they continue to fool you.

Ok, so the last paragraph or so was too negative; let us try o look at things in a more positive manner. Referring to the law of magnetology, opposite attracts. But it seems that when it comes to emotions, that law doesn't work. If we perceive things positively, we'll feel much better than when we take it in a negative manner. So looking back on the last paragraph, savour that happiness that they bring and well, just let them go if they wanna go. It's their loss that they're leaving you! hehehe, am i ryte? Focus on your happiness because if you're not happy, you can't make other peopl happy! =)

Another part of coming and going is... well... Maybe we can say this about life itself. One time you hear about a birth of a new being while the next you'll hear about death. Life come and goes pretty much all the time, that's why we shouldn't really dwell on how bad, how sad, how unsatisfying our life is and start savouring every waking moment of it.

Well, I was only intentionally typing this post to focus on the points before, about people coming and going in life but life and death seems relevant too. Recently (a few days back) an aunt-in-law of mine passed away... It started with a fever, than she went into cardiac arrest for 10 minutes before getting resuscitated. But yeah, after a 10 minutes cardiac arrest, chances are slim... She had cerebral oedema as well (from FB statuses or close relatives).

Well, the point is, death comes unexpectedly. And in truth, I don't think I got to know her quite well yet. And hey, I thought of typing on how her 1 or 2 year old daughter reacted... But thinking it through, I only heard 3rd person account of it... I would probably weeped if I actually saw it myself. The lil kiddo aimlessly looking for her mum after her funeral. Crying at night and stuff... Sigh... Life's too short to take for granted.... Life comes and goes... So people, be happy with what you have! Cherish your family.

Time in general goes by ever so quickly. That's why we see people/things/situations come and go in our lives. We sometime forget that every waking second we've been through, that's a second gone, either been put to good use or wasted. So let's stay positive about life, be happy, enjoy what you have so that every second of our life would be put to good use, and serves as a good memory. =)

Till next tyme dudes and dudettes,
cyid out.