Thursday, December 1, 2011

.:: of PRioRiTies aND oPTioNs ::.

Woah! *wipes away cobwebs and dust bunnies*

Haven't been blogging in a LONG LONG while. But heck who cares right? It's not like many people read anyway. Hehe. I need to remind myself this is my personal (yet publicly open) abode to scribble my thoughts and opinions instead of garnering comments, followers and what nots.

It's very important to remind ourselves of our priorities. Taking into example the previous paragraph, my utmost priority is to publish my opinions and thoughts. Thus the frequency, number of followers and number of comments should be irrelevant to how I post (although i do admit having random response with differing perspectives does seem fun to read :P)

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Anyhow. Priorities and Options. Let us talk about having people as priorities or options in life. How one and the other is treated is very2 much different thus shows what people think of you when they've categorized you as either a Priority or just as an option in their life.

You want more?

Having said that, being on the receiving end of being either a priority or an option would literally suck big time; especially if you're treated as an option. It's bad when you're unsure whether you're a priority or an option. Even worst when you treat someone as a priority and they just treat you as an option. I'm just randomly listing possibilities here, which doesn't really prove much point yet. Heck I've (as always) sidetracked from typing up the main points I wanted to portray. ( - _ -" ) *heavy sigh*

When someone is important to you, it's basic logic that they'll be a priority. Am I over generalizing? Could it be considered as basic logic and everyone agrees or it's not as simple and people have differing opinions on the subject? Well, for the sake of this post, let's just say everyone agrees.

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It's just simple acts as putting them first compared to others, isn't it. Showing them that you care; that they come to mind first thing in the morning, last thing at night, most time of the day. It's not as though your whole life has to be focused on them. This can be simply be shown through the expression of 'my world revolves around you'. Right? It's not that everything has to change; every nook and cranny, you're just adapting everything into place so that you have time for them. You have time to show you care. 

Having said that, being prioritized would feel super awesome. But then again, we don't live in an ideal world where we ALWAYS get what we want. OR what we deserve (although i doubt that we think too highly of ourselves to be demanding and deciding what we deserve in life as we ARE all HUMBLE humble people, aren't we? =) ). 

As options, we'll probably be one of the last things to have crossed peoples mind. One of the last things to matter. One of the last people they will think of at any given moment. They'd push aside your requests to be dealt with later where they'll probably forget and make you feel... how should i put it... left out? oblivious? invisible? I'll go with invisible. And non-existent. 

When push comes to shove you'd think being treated as options would just drive people away but NO, that's not usually the case although using the LOGICAL over generalization, everyone would probably flee. But in some cases, one party endures the pain and suffering being treated as an option. Why? Maybe because of the reasons from this post I've typed up earlier, about detachments and separation anxiety. Heck, I didn't plan on linking these two previously. Seems like I'm just building on earlier post eh? Oh well...

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Anyhow, the best person to prioritize is yourselves. Turn the WE into ME. Yes, it sounds ever so selfish, but selfishness at times are for self care because at the end of the day; You are the only one there to pick up the pieces, You are the one that has to deal with everything, You are the one person you have and need to count on. You. 

Like always, I won't own up to having typed up a WHOLE freaking post to get a point across to a certain individual. Like I said before; my priority - to voice out my opinion, to let out my thoughts. Simple as that. Sesepe terase tuh, padan muke lah kot? Hehe. Not like any John or Jenny would accidentally stumble upon this blog anyway so I'm probably safe with my points of view in this humble abode. ^_^

In the style of my previous post, I'll leave you with... 
'Later dudes and dudettes'
cyidie cyid out.


Afham said...

aku care kot blog ko. hehe

priority aku skrg ialah duit. mara oh mara